Adjusting Text Kern, Ligatures and Baseline

When editing text in TextEdit, Pages and other apps, you'll often see options for Kern, Ligatures and Baseline. These adjust the character spacing, combine some letters into a single character, and adjust the vertical positions of the letters. See examples and learn how to use these text features.

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    7 years ago

    A small, but important aspect. I just corrected proofs of my book and found letters r and n too closely spaced, so that a letter m resulted, which I have requested to correct. Good work!

    7 years ago

    Good one! I've been "overcoming" these features for years!

    Kika WaiʻAlae
    7 years ago

    How do I put the long a short vowel etc. marks above the alphabet? I have a Hawaiian keyboard that helps with that but sometimes I would like to be able to do it in another keyboard setting. Mahalo...

    7 years ago

    Do you mean accent marks and similar? You can do that by just pressing and holding the key. For instance, to get á, I just pressed and held the "a" key until the variations appeared and then selected one. See

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