Allow Important Calls And Messages To Bypass Do Not Disturb

Don't avoid using the iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature because you are worried you will miss an important call of message. You can set specific contacts to ring through the Do Not Disturb barrier by setting them up as a Favorite contact. You can also enable Emergency Bypass for individual contacts to bypass Do Not Disturb for calls and messages. You can also inform important people in your life that simply calling twice in three minutes will allow their call to get through in an emergency.
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I get a lot of questions about the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone. A lot of people like the idea of your phone being quiet at night and not bothering you with notifications. But they're worried that they're going to miss something important. An important phone call or text message from someone they care about or from work when it's important. That kind of thing. Well, there are ways to make sure that certain people can get through to you even with Do Not Disturb turned on. So let's take a look at it.

First of all the easiest way to turn on Do Not Disturb manually is to bring up Control Center. When you bring up Control Center you just tap the little crescent moon there. But, for the most part, Do Not Disturb is used automatically. So you go into Settings and under Do Not Disturb you have the scheduled portion there. The default will be something like 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. You can change the default to anytime you want. So set it to your bedtime and your awake time.

Also, when you turn on Do Not Disturb manually either through the Control Center or through here, it basically turns it on from now till the end of the day, through the scheduled period, and it turns it off automatically. So if you're going to bed early one night you can turn it on and know that it's going to go off at the regular time.

Now what happens if you turn it on and somebody needs to get through to you. Well, there's a bunch of different ways they can get through to you. One way is they can just simply be signed as a favorite contact. So you can see here it says Allow Calls From. If you go in there you can set it to Everyone, which is useful because it still silences all the notifications and text messages. But you'll still get phone calls. So you're like me and you rarely receive phone calls anyway you may want to use that one. If somebody tries to call you it will come through.

You can set it to No One or you can set it to just Favorites. You can also set it to a group. You can't assign groups on the iPhone but you can do it on your Mac and then it syncs through iCloud. So you can set a work group or an emergency contacts group, or something like that, and then just say I want that group to be able to call me.

How do you assign a Favorite? Well, the way you do that is you go into Contacts, you select a person, and then at the bottom it says Add toFavorites. Then you select what type of favorite to add. Now the only one that Do Not Disturb cares about is for Calling. So you want to turn Calling on. Then if you go into the phone app, and you tap on Favorites, the little star at the bottom left, you can see all of your Favorites listed. This is useful anyway just to be able to quickly call them. But you can also Delete them here as well so you can get rid of Favorites.

Another way to do this is to use the Emergency Bypass. Emergency Bypass is really cool. You go into Contacts here and, just like before, you select a contact. Now you won't find Emergency Bypass anywhere here. Even if you go to Edit you won't find it. But if you tap on the Ringtone, so there's the Ringtone and the Text Tone. I'm going to tap on Ringtone. You can see in addition to be able to set a custom ringtone for this person I can also turn on Emergency Bypass. That means their phone calls will come through even if I have Do Not Disturb turned on.
Better than that, you can also do the same thing here for their Text Tone. So now their text messages will come through normally even when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

This is really handy because you can do it per contact. So you do the contacts that are important or maybe just, in one particular case, like during a meeting or one particular night, you want to make sure that somebody can get in touch with you. Maybe somebody is arriving on a plane that night and you want to make sure they can call you but you want to have Do Not Disturb turned on for the rest of it. You can basically enable them to text you, enable them to call you and then just remember to turn that off later on. So you can do that as kind of a temporary measure to let people through or permanent if it's somebody very important to you that you want to make sure Do Not Disturb does not apply to them for either phone calls or text messages.

Now also notice that there's another way for people to get through to you. If you go back into the Do Not Disturb settings in your Settings app you'll see there's a setting for repeated calls. When you turn that on a second call from that same person within three minutes will still get through. So if somebody really wants to get through to you they're going to try called twice and it gets through to you even with Do Not Disturb turned on. You can let people know that this function is on, on your iPhone. So just tell them hey, if you ever really need to get in touch with me if it's an emergency call me. If I don't pickup and it's like in the middle of the night or whatever, just call me again immediately and the second time I'll actually get the call.

So there's various ways for you to bypass Do Not Disturb when it's important.

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    11 months ago

    How can I REMOVE a contact from favorites?

    11 months ago

    Suzanne: In the Phone app, go to Favorites. Swipe right to left across the one you wish to remove and then tap Delete.

    11 months ago

    Never mind. I figured it out.

    Kennerly Rick H.
    11 months ago

    Now if they’d let calendar & reminders to ring through, too. Then i’d Run DND 24/7.

    10 months ago

    Would the Allow repeat calls within 3 minutes allow a call with Caller ID turned off? Just curious as I’ve started to receive spammy calls and the number isn’t always shown.

    10 months ago

    Glynne: Yes. It doesn’t have anything to do with caller ID. The idea is to allow anyone to get through in an emergency. I get a lot of spam phone calls too, but never have they tried to call back like that, at least not within 3 minutes.

    Bruce Holland
    10 months ago

    Hi Gary. Is there any way to selectively bypass the ringer with-off on the side of the phone? I always watch your videos and am slowly getting better! Cheers Bruce

    10 months ago

    Bruce: You could use Do Not Disturb and the ideas in this video to silence most things instead of the switch, then leave the switch on. Otherwise, you could always set that person’s contact to vibrate so at least you feel (and hear, really) that.

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