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The Denver Apple Store opening at 6 PM and the iPhone buying frenzy.

6/29/07 correspondent, Eve Park interviews the first people in line for the Apple iPhone at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Colorado.


This is the first in a series of special reports on iDay, or the iPhone release.

In this report host Molly Stanberry interviews people in line for the Apple iPhone, which is to go on sale at 6PM local time.


We’ve been here 5+ hours. Not too much going on. The Apple Store itself looks oddly normal. The line starts about 20 feet away. The first person here showed up at 2:30 a.m. and played cat and mouse with mall security to secure his space in line. So far, everyone we talked to is actually buying one for themselves, though the profiteers may just be reluctant to talk.
We’ll have some video up soon.
Molly, Layle, Eve and Gary in line


MacMost is in line at the Apple Store in the Cherry Creek Mall, Denver. We arrived at about 8:30 and were about 50th in line. Here are some pictures. We’ll be reporting all day, and posting video as well.
The line at 8:30 a.m.
The line at 8:30 a.m.

Gary shows us how to open an iTunes account.

We’ve posted a few games up at our iPhone Games section. We don’t know if these will work with the iPhone or not, as we don’t have one to test with. They use a couple of different technologies. If you have an iPhone, please test and give us some feedback. Thanks.


This week during MacMost episode 13, we explore iPhone mania and report that iTunes is the #3 music retailer in the U.S. Our Quick Tip shows you how to use iTunes to listen to an internet radio station. This week’s tutorial shows you how to start an iTunes account, which you’ll need for your new iPhone. We also feature Google Docs as this week’s Must Bookmark site.
(Episode lost?)

Jay from demonstrates how to Change keyboard shortcut assignments on your Mac.

This week during MacMost episode 12, we inform you that Apple has canceled all personal shopping appointments for June 29th and note the pre-release iPhone improvements. Our Quick Tip shows you how to rename color labels. This week’s tutorial shows you how to change keyboard shortcut assignments. We feature the Internet Movie Database as our Must Bookmark site.


MacMost Episode 11
MacMost News: WWDC 2007, Leapord Features, Safari For Windows
Tip: Creating Folders
Tutorial: How to make a Mail filter
Must Download: Flip4Mac


MacMost Episode 10
MacMost News: YouTube on AppleTV, iPhone Release June 29th, iTunes plus downloads, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Meeting
Tip: Personalized Photo Desktop Background
Tutorial: How to download and install applications
Review: G-Tech G-Raid External Hard Drive
Podcast Peek: GeekGirl.TV

How to download and install applications in Mac OS X.
Jay from demonstrates how to use Disk Utility to verify and repair disk permissions and how to verify your hard drive.

MacMost Episode 9.

MacMost News: StarCraft II, iPhone Stores, EMI Buyout, And The Engadget Hoax
Tip: Text Services
Tutorial: Disc Utility
Must Download: Skype


This article will introduce you to basic audio recording on your Mac.

Jay From shows how-to create groups in the Address book and how to e-mail using a group list.

MacMost Episode 8.

MacMost News: iPods and Pacemakers, iTunes Gets Wings, New MacBooks, and Apple Market Share
Tip: Managing Widgets
Tutorial: Address Groups
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In this tutorial Gary shows us how to eject a stuck CD using a terminal command.

MacMost Episode 7.

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Tip: Opening Microsoft Word Docs
Tutorial: The Dictionary
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