MacMost Now 452: Browser Cookies

Your web browser uses to store bits of information associated with the web sites you visit. There are misconceptions about what cookies do and how they are used. Learn how to examine your browser cookies and set your cookie storage preferences.

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    14 years ago

    Hi Garry
    Thanks for your clarification on browser cookies.
    When it comes to browsers, I just wanted to share another interesting finding in my safari window that appeared since the latest update; that is when you start typing in the search bar, you'll notice that a helping menu pops open, and you get prompted to chose from 3 different search engines.
    So good news to all safari users is that we're no longer stuck with google; now you can freely choose yahoo or bing...

    14 years ago

    Thanks for the explanations, which were helpful.

    But not all cookies are so benign. I was once checking fares on some budget airlines and found that after several visits to check a particular route and time, the quoted fare went up sharply. After I had removed the airline cookies from my computer, I was once again offered the previous, competitive fare.

      14 years ago

      That's interesting, but it is a completely different thing than being dangerous to your computer or your privacy. Also, if it was the intent of the site to do this (why?) they could also do it without cookies easily enough.

    Norman Medina
    14 years ago and are sharing information. Is the information shared through cookies? Or is is it done through IP address? Is there a way to sever this communication between facebook and other websites?

      14 years ago

      Hard to tell. But they probably say so in their privacy policies. They can't share information between domains using cookies. But they can if you allow third-party cookies (see video) and they put each other's content on each other's sites (a widget from CNN appears on FaceBook, for instance).
      What makes you think they share info and what is your concern?

    14 years ago

    Actually cookies are not so benign if you value the
    last vestiges of your privacy. Example: Try flushing
    all your cookies then select "NO" to accept cookies.
    If your hidden files option is on you will see that
    google sets cookies with no problems but it's hidden
    from you on your own computer. If you think this is
    benign just wait a few years. Cable TV or "pay" TV
    was ad free years ago, it was one of the rationales
    for paying for content. However, little by little ads
    crept in until we now see just as many ads on cable
    that we pay for. In the same way Google and other
    corporations tell us it is for our "shopping convenience"
    or more efficient browsing but that's just the foot in the
    door. Resistance is futile...

      14 years ago

      I'm not sure I see your point. There are already ads on sites. Ads pay for "free" content. How is that affecting privacy?

        14 years ago

        Essentially I am asking why Google sets hidden cookies on computers.
        I thought that was clear. Once you lose control over cookies, what's next?

        The point being snooping is getting incrementally more aggressive every year. The ads on cable TV were not in reference to ads but how the public is slowly acclimated to loss of privacy (or ads) as well as being told it is for their own convenience.

          14 years ago

          Hidden cookies? Cookies aren't hidden, though. Google actually has a whole dashboard set up where they list all of the data associated with your account. Pretty transparent.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    13 years ago

    Yes i can understand about the cookies being hidden. I recently had an upgrade and when i went to have a look at the cookies i could not see them. This word next to the cookies window says Details,click on Details,and then it shows all of your cookies. Anthony

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