Create Custom Ringtones On Your iPhone

You can use GarageBand on your iPhone to create your own custom ringtones from music notes, loops, or audio recordings. Just share the resulting GarageBand project as a ringtone and the audio will be available in Settings to use.
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You can record your own ringtones on your iPhone and use them on your iPhone. Previously you needed to do this on a Mac and load them in and everything like that. But now you can do it all with GarageBand on the iPhone.

Assuming you have everything up to date, the latest iOS, the latest version of GarageBand on your iPhone, you can go into GarageBand and from there you can create any kind of music project. So you can create something with the keyboard here. You can create something using your voice. There are so many different options for creating things. Like you can use the audio recorder there just to record you voice or some sound in the room.

I'm going to, just for simplicity sake, just create something with the keyboard, just do something with the piano here. Now I can play notes and I can use these notes for a ringtone. So just something really simple like that. I can play it back. Now I'll Exit by tapping the button at the upper left and I've got My Song and there's the song I created.

So now I'm just going to tap where the name is there and I'm going to name it something else like My Ringtone test and hit Done. I'm going to hit Select at the top right and I'm going to select that song and I'm going to use the Share button at the upper left, or the Action button you may call it. You can see one of the actions I've got there is Ringtone. So I'm going to tap that and it will allow me to change the name of the Ringtone if I want. Then I can hit Export.

When it's done I can actually hit the Use Sound As button there and say I want to use this as my Standard Ringtone, Text Tone, or Assign to a Contact. But I don't need to use those. I can now do that just inside of Settings.

So in the Settings app here I can go down to Sounds & Haptics and then Ringtone, Change my Ringtone and you can see there's My Ringtone Test. Right there. So I can assign that just as you can any ringtone or text tone or to any contact anyway I want.

Just so you understand how powerful this is, here I am back in GarageBand. I can go to this audio recorder here, record my voice, and I just hit my Record button. This is my ringtone, answer the phone. Now I've got that as my new ringtone there. You can see it's called My Song. I can change it, Select, Share, Ringtone, Export. Go into Settings and you can see now it appears. So you can record anything or anybody saying anything or anything you hear and create a ringtone right in your iPhone.

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    2 years ago

    i canceled garage band. They I reactivated it. All the tones I established when is was active show up on my iPad sounds as ringtone but no longer On my garage band. How do I delete them from my ringtone sounds without going in to garage band. Any ideas?

    2 years ago

    Marilyndifraia: You may be able to do it by syncing your iPad with iTunes on your Mac/PC. Otherwise, you’ll need to experiment. Or, just leave them be — it may not be worth your time to figure it out as they really aren’t in your way.

    Mario Patrizio
    2 years ago

    Regarding custom ringtones with garage band, they do not sync with other devise or itunes. Also how do you delete them from iphone or ipad, since the dont show up in itunes. Last one I make the custom ringtones and apply them to a contact, it sounds when I try it in settings but when the contact sends text or call it does not play the custom ringtone, please advise and help this 66 year old man. Love your show, keep up the outstanding work, bless u………..

    2 years ago

    Mario: I think to save it for other devices you should Share it from GarageBand to iTunes or iCloud, maybe? Try different sharing options. Get it to your Mac and bring it into iTunes from there. As for deleting it, I’m not sure. May only be able to replace it. As for it not working, I don’t know about that. Seems to work for me.

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