Creating Ringtone From a Song

You can create a ringtone for your iPhone or iPad from a song you own using iTunes and QuickTime Player. This works for iTunes purchases as well as songs obtained in other ways, but not for Apple Music songs. You can trim the song to a section you want to use as a ringtone and then use iTunes to transfer it to your iOS device.

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    Wayne Garriepy
    8 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    When I look for 'Tones' on the drop down list of my iPhone between Books & Photos, it's not there. Drag & drop doesn't work either. Phone has iOS 9.2.1
    Tones exista in lower list but not in upper. Ideas?
    Thanks, Wayne

    8 years ago

    Wayne: Not sure what you are seeing, but it sounds like the "lower list" you mention is for your iPhone and the upper one is for your iTunes library. Watch in the video as I access Tones in the iTunes library using the button that looks like three dots.

    Adam Snyder
    8 years ago

    Thanks for the video Gary.
    I have created my own ringtones in the past using only iTunes. I wrote myself a procedure so I wouldn't forget. However in the past 3-4 years now (with iTunes upgrades) I haven't been able to do this anymore.
    Thanks for showing an updated way to perform this task.

    Nancy N
    8 years ago

    Thank you so much, Gary! I saved this as a favorite to on Youtube. I have stumbled thru creating my own ringtones with iTunes but it is so time consuming (when you really don't know how to do it) and then the next time, I forget how I did it. Thank you!!

    8 years ago

    When I try to save it to .m4r I get this message: You can’t use a name that begins with a dot “.”, because these names are reserved for the system. Please choose another name. Everything went fine up until that point.

    8 years ago

    Mary: Save with with just a name like "mytone". Then change the .m4a extension to .m4r.

    Mary Britten Briggs Lukes
    8 years ago

    Thank you so much Gary, it works great. I've been working on this a long time.

    Dennis Craig
    8 years ago

    When trying to sync my newly created Tone to my iPhone via iTunes, I get the following dialog box: The iPhone “Dennis Craig’s iPhone” is synced with another iTunes library on “Dennis Craig’s iMac (4)”. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?
    Not sure I want to "erase and sync." Any ideas?

    8 years ago

    Dennis: Hard to advise you on this. You'll need to figure out why this is happening and what the consequences would be to sync. For me, using Apple Music and iCloud for everything it wouldn't affect anything. But if you haven't synced in a long time, are still syncing your music via iTunes instead of iCloud, and have music on your iPhone that comes from another iTunes library then it could mean you lose music and videos on your iPhone. Impossible to advise.

    8 years ago

    Gary as an alternate method use Garage band, new version and you can create your ringtone in fewer clicks with the benefit when you save your new work it auto populates the m4r into your correct place. I found i could not locate the file doing your method which was somewhat frustrating, but then i redesigned my music files after storing all my music on a usb drive to save space in MBP.

    Barbara Drury
    8 years ago

    After trimming my song (20 seconds) and changing the extension to m4r, I cannot drag and drop it to tones.

    8 years ago

    Barbara: Make sure you are dropping it to the right Tones. You want the one that is part of your iTunes library, not the one that is for you attached device.

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