Customizing Shapes in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

The new shapes included with updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote can be customized by altering the points, lines and curves in the shape. You can also combine multiple shapes into one. You can save your new shape so it appears in all three apps for future use. If you break apart some shapes, you can apply different colors to different parts.

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    Law Thim Fook
    7 years ago

    Much thanks for the great tip, Gary.

    Vincent Allard
    7 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for this another great video.

    It is great that we can save customized shapes and that they are available in Keynote, Page and Numbers. But how to backup them, if I buy a new iMac and want to use them on it?

    I don't think they are backed up to iCloud.

    7 years ago

    Vincent: Not sure. Time Machine is what you should be using for "back up" as iCloud does not truly back up your Mac -- it just stores files there. Big difference. And Time Machine backs up everything on your drive. If you buy a new Mac, you could use Migration Assistant to go to the new Mac, which will copy over settings for apps, which should include custom shapes.
    Of course, using the Shapes in a document would mean you could simply copy and paste from that document to a new one anyway.

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