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How Can I Move a Folder From My iMac Desktop To My iPad?

I would like to move a folder to take with me on vacation.
Louise Schlosser

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    7 years ago

    The easiest way to do this is to use iCloud Drive with macOS Sierra and iOS 10. If you aren't already using iCloud Drive, simply turn it on in System Preferences, iCloud on your Mac, and Settings, iCloud on your iPad.
    No need at this point to choose the option where you put your Desktop and Documents folder on iCloud Drive. You can save that for another time. For now all you need to do is to have iCloud Drive available.
    Then move the folder on your Mac to the iCloud Drive folder. You should see it show up in the left sidebar of every Finder window once you turn it on.
    On your iPad, look for the iCloud Drive app. In that app you can see everything and access those files. Naturally, you need to have the proper app to open the files. For instance, a Pages file from your Mac can be opened with the Pages app on your iPad.
    Here's a video that gives you some of the basics of iCloud Drive. Basically it is a shared space between your devices.

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