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How Do I Combine Landscape and Portrait Pages Into a Single Document?

I need to combine landscape and portrait orientated pages into a single document using Pages on my Macbook Air. I am using macOS Catalina.
Howard Dyer

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    4 years ago

    You can't. But what is your real goal? Is it to produce a PDF document? Or a printout? Either way, you can accomplish that goal by creating two documents, one for each orientation. If you want to output a PDF, then do that for each document and then merge them in Preview. If you want to print, then naturally you can combine the physical pages after printing.

    Douglas Brace
    4 years ago

    So Pages does not support section breaks (with different page formatting) like Microsoft Word as for what seems like forever?

    4 years ago

    Douglas: No. Lots of differences between Word and Pages. They are different apps with different features made by different companies for different purposes. If Word is the better tool for when you need, then buy it and use that. Both work very well on Macs.

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