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How Do I Create an “Approved” Stamp for a Document In Preview?

I know how to add a signature and text to a document in Preview, but can’t work out how to create and add stamps e.g. “Approved”, “Rejected”, “Declined” etc. I often have to review multi paged documents and previously would print the complete document and hand mark-up “Approved” etc, then scan and rename the approved version. This stamp type function exists in Adobe Acrobat Reader but I can’t seem to find the same type of function in Preview. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Craig Pratt

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    10 months ago

    If all you need to do is to add words to the document, you can just use the markup tools and add that as text.

    Something like this:

    Once you get the color, size, style and everything like you want, you can always copy and paste that text from old documents to new ones. Or, create a document that just has a bunch of those and open it to copy one of the words from it.

    If you want something more artistic, like the word “Approved” with a box around it and other graphic flair, you can create such a stamp in any graphics app like Acorn, Pixelmator, Photoshop, etc. Even Keynote if you get creative. Just export as a transparent 32-bit graphic. Then you can drag and drop those files into Preview whenever you need them.

    Sounds like a good topic for a future tutorial.

    10 months ago

    “Sounds like a good topic for a future tutorial.”

    I’d find this useful as well!

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