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How Do I Make a Url Link With Icon Pic Of My Choice In My Dock On Mac Monterrey?

I am attempting to make a bookmark on the dock. I’ve done it before but I can’t remember the process. I don’t want to drag the URL to the desktop, then down to the dock. I’m attempting to keep my desktop clean. Please help me get the url to the dock with out having extra on the desktop.

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Moving a link to the dock from the desktop duplicates the url; however I’m unable to delete the desktop icon as the url on the dock will not retain the url address. The world icon however is a url link that isn’t linked to desktop. I can not remember how I did this. The world link icon is the process I want to replicate; please help…. Also, I would like to change the image for the world icon but I don’t know how to do that either. Please help, I’m a novice but I quick study…… Any assistance you offer is truly appreciated.

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    2 years ago

    Two different things. First, if you want to simply add a web link to the Dock, just drag it from the address bar in Safari directly to the right side of the Dock. Just skip the Finder altogether. This gives you a link with the global icon.

    However, if you want a custom icon, it gets more complex. You'll need to drag the URL to a folder in the Finder. You don't want them on your Desktop, so create a folder for them elsewhere. Maybe a subfolder of your Documents folder, or however you want to organize things.

    Then once you have the web link file in there, select it and choose File, Get Info. Now you can select the icon at the top left of the Info window and paste an image over it, just like customizing any icon for any file or folder. Remember you should paste an image, not an image file. So if you have an image, open it in Preview or whatever image editing app you like, copy the pixels in the file, and then use that to paste into the Info window.

    Now that you have a web link file in a folder in the Finder, just drag that to the right side of the Dock to place an alias to it there.

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