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How Do I Make Icons Larger In Finder Menu Bar?

I have to squint to see the icons in the Finder’s menu bar on top right. How can I make icons bigger? Can I label those icons?

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    5 months ago

    There’s no way to label them, but you can make them larger a number of ways. One is to use the setting in System Preferences, Accessibility, Display: Menu Bar Size. That’s new in Big Sur.

    But if you are having trouble seeing them you may also be having trouble seeing other things on your Mac too. So perhaps consider going to System Preferences, Displays and setting the resolution to Scaled. Then choosing a different size to the left of Default.

    Also, you may want to check out my recent video at and see if things like increasing the contrast or decreasing the transparency of the Menu Bar will help. Give them all a try to see what works best for you.

    Another thing to consider is that since the icons look different in Big Sur, it may just take time to get used to them. Once you use them a few times over a few days and weeks, you may get more used to picking out which one is which.

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