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How Do I Move Files From Desktop To Folder Easily?

I have files all over the place – iCloud, dropbox and on the Mac. Is there any easy way I can move a desktop file to a folder without opening a lot of stuff up? Is Quicksilver the best program to do this? Any better way?
Much thanks, Dally Messenger
Dally Messenger

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    3 years ago

    So your goal is to have a way to drag a file from the Desktop, and place it into iCloud Drive, Dropbox and some other locations?

    You could just open a single Finder window and do it that way. It would just be a single window, not a “lot of stuff.” You could use the column view and the left sidebar in that Finder window to get anywhere you want pretty quickly. Then drag-and-drop the file there.

    You could also put folders on the right side of the Dock. So if you have a few locations you always find yourself moving things to, drag those folders to the right side of the Dock to create a shortcut to get there. You can drag and drop from the Desktop right into those Dock items without opening anything up.

    You could also make aliases of those folders and place them on the Desktop. You could make a new folder on the Desktop, and then store aliases to a whole bunch of folders there. Then, using spring-loaded folders, drag an item to this special folder, wait until it pops open, then drag to the alias of the location you want to move the file to.

    You can basically do the same with the Dock, by also dragging this folder to the Dock so it is there as well.

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