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How Do You Check for App Updates In iOS and iPadOS?

In Mac OS > App Store > Updates (and ⌘ R for the “hidden” ones)you see the recent and available updates for apps.

Not seeing how to do this for apps in iOS iPad.

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    2 years ago

    To refresh the update screen in iOS or iPadOS, go to the App Store app. Then tap on your icon at the top right. This brings up the account screen. If you scroll down, you should see an Available Updates section, if there are any apps with updates.

    To refresh this manually, drag down so you are back to the top of the Account screen. Then quickly pull down even more on this Account screen to force an update of the contents the same way you would refresh a web page in Safari or contents in just about any other app. You'll see a spinning circle appear in the space above the top of the Account screen when you do this.

    Of course I should point out that it is easier and better to just turn on Automatic Updates in Settings, App Store and then not worry about it. Otherwise, it is easy to go a long time and not realize you are using old versions of apps, missing out on new features, and possibly with security issues.

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Yes, automatic updates was turned on for my machine out of the box. However, I still find updates for whatever reason "waiting" to be updated, so I like to check once in a while. Thanks again.

    2 years ago

    Great help. Thanks. I wish I had enuff room to ad that to my Dock

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