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How To Use the New Currency Functions In iWork?

Apple have just released the updates, and I’m having trouble mastering the functions to convert currency in Numbers. Could you please advise me on how to enter in the formula correctly, as I am having no luck at the moment.
Thank you.

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    4 years ago

    When in doubt, look at the examples in the functions documentation built into Numbers. There are some good examples there.
    The trick is knowing the proper strings for each currency. For instance, “USD” is United States Dollars. “EUR” is the Euro.
    So this formula tells you how many Euros for a Dollar:
    There are more options listed in the help, but that’s basically it.
    In the help text you’ll also see that the codes follow the ISO 4217 standard. So you can find a list of codes at Wikipedia for that here: But note that in the end the conversions are from Yahoo’s service, so your best bet is to check with Yahoo’s finance pages and see which codes they are using.

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