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Should I Use iMovie Or Quicktime Camera Recording?

Is it better to record a video using the mac camera with imovie or quicktime? Are the video and audio quality the same?

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    4 years ago

    The quality shouldn't be any different. But by all means, test.
    One advantage to using QuickTime Player is you can just save the file anywhere, whereas with iMovie it is put into iMovie's library. If that is exactly what you want, then fine. But if you want to use the clip elsewhere it is more convenient to have it as a stand-alone file.

    One reason people don't use iMovie to record is that only internal Mac FaceTime cameras are an option. So if you have an external webcam or other video capture device, it won't show up in iMovie. Those internal FaceTime cameras are pretty low quality, usually 720p. A cheap webcam is often 1080 with better quality all around. FaceTime is really only meant for video conferencing and such. Of course if you have a Mac mini or Mac Pro, then you can't record into iMovie at all.

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