Forum Question: Time Machine not Ejecting Time Capsule Icon After Backup

I have 24 inch 2007 iMac with 10.7.1 and I have been using time machine to backup my Mac for several years. Recently (last 3 days) the icon for the Time Capsule, which is my backup drive, no longer ejects upon completion of the backup. How can I get the system to do this as it used to do routinely.
Eugene Bouley

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    9/9/11 @ 12:00 pm

    A lot of talk about this. I believe the consensus is that Time Machine is still using it. Actually, new functionality in Lion that allows you to search the Time Machine backup (Spotlight) is what is using it. It is indexing the drive. So it keeps it around while indexing.
    Any reason why you need to eject it?

      Eugene Bouley
      9/9/11 @ 12:29 pm

      No, it is more out of curiosity.

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