How To Build a Timeline In Pages

You can use a Chart to build a dynamic horizonal or vertical timeline in Pages. You can then easily adjust or add values to the timeline. This works for Keynote too.

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    Marie Seltenrych
    1 year ago

    Great tutorial. I was searching for something like this, and here it is. I will try to imitate your demo model. Thanks so much

    12 months ago

    Gary, your jumping all over the place! How in the world can someone who doesn’t know about charts follow you! SLOW DOWN!

    12 months ago

    Chuck: There'a speed control at the bottom of the video. You can also just pause as you follow along.

    12 months ago

    Great idea - one suggestion use custom formats to get rid of the negative sign, which means you can keep the interval timeline :)
    Question instead of whole years can you use Date Formated Cells to create a 6 or 15 month timeline?

    12 months ago

    Chris: Good idea with formats. I hadn't tried that to see if the chart showed the formatted value. I'm not sure what you mean by your second idea, but try it and see.

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