How To Organize The Icons On Your iPhone Home Screen

Many of us have hundreds of app on our iPhone and iPad home screens. Keeping them organized can be a chore. But you can use techniques like app folders and searching by keyword to help. It is also a good idea to delete apps you rarely use, knowing you can download them again easily. When organizing apps, you can drag more than one at a time.

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    Richard Fuhr
    5 years ago

    One useful technique that I apply when organizing apps, when I need to drag an app across multiple screens, is the following. Have only three apps permanently in your dock. Take the app you want to move to a remote screen and drag it into the dock. Then swipe until the remote screen is displayed. Then drag the app from the dock to the screen where you want it kept (perhaps into a folder already on that screen).

    Chris Proudlove
    5 years ago

    Brilliant Gary - thanks so much. I took your advice and began the five-minute sessions, so I'm on the way. I didn't know the tip about moving multiple apps, so thanks for that too.

    Howard Brazee
    5 years ago

    I like to have only one folder on my home screen, with only my most used apps. My iPad has zero folders on it (my most-used apps folder is in the dock). I like showing my background photos. On my iPad, there's a photo of my granddaughters in front of one of Utah's arches. When I turn the iPad to portrait mode, I pop up on top of that arch.

    I have used that technique to move apps from screen to screen. I dearly miss the ability to move apps around from within iTunes on my Mac.

    Randall Huleva
    5 years ago

    Iā€™ve been using folders to organize apps for a LONG time, but I am very frustrated that we are now in 2019 with iOS 13 to be released very soon, but we STILL do not have the ability to NEST FOLDERS on the iOS home screen.

    This can not possibly be that difficult of a feature to add. i have been repeatedly suggesting that Apple add it since iOS 4...and I will continue to do so until they add it or I DIE!

    I NEED sub-folders!!!

    Tom Gifford
    5 years ago

    Great info - thanks!

    One quick question - when I search for an app by pulling down from the top of the screen and typing a name and I see the app that I am searching for in the search results, is there a way to see where that app is located on the iDevice (which page and/or folder has that app that shows in the search results list)?

    5 years ago

    Tom: If you do a search like that and the app icon is in a folder, you will see the name of the folder to the right of the app icon on the search screen. But it only appears after you narrow it down to 1 app after typing enough characters.

    Robert Lanz
    5 years ago

    Searching for the app using a keyword or even the correct app name -complete spelled- is not working on my iPhone. However if I go further on to click "Search in the App Store" I will find 'my' app in the store and click on Open. I realize now it's a work around I have been using all the time. I'm glad you tell us in this post the search result should be shown on my iPhone and also indicating which folder if that is the case. Is there anything in settings to be changed?

    5 years ago

    Robert: There are settings in Settings, Siri & Search. But you usually have to disable an app from appearing on an app-by-app basis. It is odd that apps you have installed are not appearing.

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