MacMost Now 335: iPhoto Smart Albums

You can use Smart Albums in iPhoto 09 to get a list of all photos taken with a single camera, like the iPhone 3GS. You can also use other criteria like camera settings, keywords, descriptions, ratings and dates. Smart Albums update automatically and will sync back to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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    14 years ago

    i hv a apple remote, it's next button is not working, how to fix that problem?
    please help me!!! thanks!!!

      14 years ago

      If it is broken, then you need to get it fixed or get a new one.

    11 years ago

    Gary,I was previously working with iPhoto 09 and created several smart albums. Assigning keywords to have my photos "magically" go to my created smart album was great. I recently upgraded to iPhoto 11. Now when I assign keywords to new photos I've taken, expecting them to "magically" go to that corresponding smart album, nothing happens. Can you help me out?

      11 years ago

      Not sure. You'll have to play around with it. Try re-creating those smart albums. Make sure you are tagging it with the exact same keywords, not just copies of the keywords that look the same.

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