MacMost Now 683: Journals In iPhoto For iOS

The Journals feature of iPhoto for iOS allows you to publish galleries of photos to your iCloud account. You can play with the journals to turn them into scrapbooks of photos, text, and other elements. The journals appear on the Web and you can share them with your friends.
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    12 years ago

    Wonder if Apple will add the Journal feature to iPhoto used on the Mac?

    Vincent Cina
    12 years ago

    The iPhoto app generates a large ugly URL when publishing a Journal to iCloud. Is there a way one could simply go to iCloud and browse previously published journals?

      12 years ago

      Yes. If you look when publishing you can see a "home page" option. This sets up a single page that lists your journals. It is a pretty long URL too, but yo ucan use your favorite URL shortening service to create a short URL link to it.

    Pam Crews
    12 years ago

    Can you create and have printed photo books on iPad 3?

      12 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. You can take photos with the new iPad and use AIrPrint just like you can with the iPad 2.

    12 years ago

    Hi, thanks for your video.

    Can you PRINT your journal?

      12 years ago

      You can go to that web page and print the pages -- not sure what they result would be since they are dynamic. I would think that a better way would be to use iPhoto on a Mac to create a printed book.

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