MacMost Now 474: Ordering Prints, Books and Cards in iPhoto 11

You can order individual prints, books and cards in iPhoto 11. Ordering prints is quick and easy if you already have an account with Apple. iPhoto 11 features a new book browser and new options for making books. You can also order letterpress cards. You have the option to save books as PDF files or print them on your home printer.
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Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. In todays episode lets look at creating books, prints, and cards using iPhoto 11. iPhoto 11 gives you lots of options for ordering prints. For instance you can select some photos here, you can go to share, and select "order prints". You can also go to "file" and select "order prints", and then what will come up is a screen that allows you to select the size of the different photos, and the quantity. So you see for 12 cents I can get 4'x 6's so I can order two of these,one of these, and one of these. And I can ask it give you the total price here and buy now. Of course with shipping costs your gonna want to order them in groups, not just one at a time. Ah and then it will use your Apple iTunes account to basically have you pay for them, then it will know your address and ship them to you.
You can also create keepsakes, these are things like books. You can basically select a group of photos say an event like this, and then you could select "create" and create a book from it. And this gives you the new browser that allows you to look through different books. I'm gonna use the arrow keys here to move through them. And I can select different sizes, so for hardcover I can decide to select extra large, or large. I can select "softcover" and that I can actually go medium, or small as well. I can even select "wire bound", and I can change the color. I can go through these and look at the different styles of them and there are a lot of different choices. And once I find one I like I can hit "create", and then it will create this project here which used to be called "keepsakes" and "iMovie", or iPhoto 9. And I can go through it and actually edit things, so I can select a specific page and I can move photos around, swap them, ah change zooming levels on them, ah things like that. And I can go between the different pages and then I could drop more photos in there pretty easily. And if I click on "design" I can actually add some affects to things. Little page curls there, affects for the photos themselves, I can even edit the photo. The key thing here is being able to click on the photo on the bottom right, and then be able to see all the photos that you have selected. And then drag and drop new ones into places.
You can also create these letter pressed cards. You can select a photo, and then hit "create", and select "card". And then like the books you can create an object that will be printed and sent to you. But usually it is just with one, or a small number of photos. So you can select one here, and then you can create it. Once you've done that then you can edit it so you can change text, fonts, all sorts of things go into design mode. Here I have a lot more control over things. Select "photos" and you can go look at all photos in the project or set everything in an album and drag drop different photos into the section, zoom in on them it's just another option here for something you can print.
One of the things I like about creating things like books is you have to order them as prints. You can actually print them out yourself, or send them to pdf. So for instance I am going to just select "print" while this book is open, I'm going to save it as a pdf, and then I will save it here to the desktop. It will export t out, and I will have this nice pdf book that I can now just email to friends. Then you can see I will open up this pdf file here, and you can see there is my book with all the themes, and everything in it. It all looks very nice, and it's saved as a file here on my desktop.
Even though I am going to order a print book, I like to save it out as a pdf so it is something I can give to friends, or look at on my iPad, or my laptop while travelling. Hope you liked this look at printing photos, books, and cards from iPhoto 11. Until next time this is gary with MacMost Now.

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