Rearranging Sections In Pages

A useful new tool in Pages is the ability to create sections that can be rearranged easily. This will make it easier for those writing stories or scripts, compiling reports, or creating study notes. You can put multiple pages in a section and drag and drop the entire section to reorder your document.

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    Linda Lyn
    8 years ago

    Thank you Gary
    Yes it's very useful
    I'm waiting for it now it's here.
    Thank you for showing how to use it.
    Your a wonderful teacher!

    Print Path
    8 years ago

    OK Gary, this is PageGasmic!
    I use pages for my Teacher pay Teachers shop and am still using Pages 4.5 because manipulating the order of the sheets is primary to my service. This update makes the newer Pages useful!!! I am thrilled, thanks for the information and your excellent teaching!

    8 years ago

    Hi Gary, hopefully this is related to this topic......
    I'm trying to convert an A4 poster into 2 x A5 in landscape. I've always done it in Pages 4.3 by setting it to Landscape then scaling down, but the scaling function seems to have disappeared in Pages 5.6. Can you help?
    Many many thanks!

      8 years ago

      Do you mean the printing scale? You can set that in the latest version of Pages. Just go to File, Page Setup.

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