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Company Contact Cards
In the Contacts app you can set a contact to be a company rather than a person. This is helpful for customer service lines or other company main numbers. You can use the company name with Siri, and also add images for the contact just like with a person.
Cleaning Up Your Contacts
It can be useful to remove unneeded contacts from your database every once in a while. Before deleting, you can export individual contacts as small VCF files. These can then be stored and accessed easily later if you need them. You also have a variety of other methods for exporting and archiving your contacts.
MacMost Now 830: Exporting Contacts Using Numbers
Export and printing options for Contacts are limited. But you can do almost anything you want with your Contacts data if you know this one trick. By dragging and dropping your Contacts into Numbers, you can then organize, sort and format the information in any way. You can then export it from Numbers, or use Numbers to print a list any way you desire.
MacMost Now 732: Printing Lists of Contacts
Using the Address Book app you can print out lists of contacts, specifying exactly which fields you want to include. You can also print compact pocket lists that can easily be carried with you.
MacMost Now 726: Printing Labels and Envelopes From Address Book
You can print both labels and envelopes from Address Book without needing to do a mail merge or use another app. You can choose from many different standard label templates or create your own. You can also choose different envelope sizes. You can print them in bulk, or just use this feature to print a single envelope.