MacMost Now 508: Tracking Changes in Pages

You can use the Track Changes feature of Pages in iWork 09 to edit documents. Suggestions are recorded and can be accepted or rejected later. Multiple writers and editors can work on a document and all changes will be recorded along with the editor and time. Comments can also be added.

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    Gary D. Stone
    13 years ago

    Dear Gary,
    That was an excellent video. I am astounded by how many things Pages can do. Right now, I have a printed copy of the user's manual and plan on sitting down at my desk or table and working my way through the manual. I have been busy at work the first month of the year but now have a little more free time to accomplish my task.


    Bay Village, Ohio

    13 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    I was wondering how this works if you're interacting with Microsoft Word? For example if I write a document in Pages, and send it to someone who opens it in Word and makes changes, and they send it back to me, will the tracking changes work the same way? I'll still be able to view and manipulate the changes as you showed in the video?


      13 years ago

      I just tried it and yes. I exported a Pages document with some tracked changes. Then opened in Word 11. The tracking was in place. Then I added more changes and saved. Opened in Pages again. The original changes and new changes were there with comments.

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