MacMost Now 890: Using Game Center

Game Center is a universal high score system provided by Apple that many app developers can use in their games. Once you extend your Apple ID to use Game Center, you can compete in high score leaderboards, challenge friends and register in-game achievements.

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    John Russell
    11 years ago

    This seems to be a more secure choice, and less intrusive than the Facebook game experience.

    11 years ago

    Conversely, I'd like to disable Game Center, not just every so often but permanently! It's an annoying interruption to the games I enjoy, and I do not care to challenge anyone else. How do you turn it off?

      11 years ago

      Your best option is to simply not use it. If game has integrated it into gameplay, then there may not be any way to avoid seeing references to it.

    11 years ago

    Great video.

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