Using Siri Shortcut Suggestions

The simplest way to take advantage of the new Siri Shortcuts feature in iOS 12 is to just use one of the suggestions in the Settings app. You can look through a list of recent activity and quickly create a shortcut from that, assigning a Siri trigger phrase to use the shortcut over and over again.

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    6 years ago

    How i make a siri-shortcut for camera. For example: "Take a photograph"? So i will not use a cable release or remote control. Voice-ordered-shooting ;-)

    6 years ago

    AP: You can do that using the Shortcuts app, yes. There is an Action for "Take Photo." But I don't know how useful it will be in the way that you are thinking because you still have to speak "Hey Siri, Take a Photo" (or whatever command you set). If you want to take a photo at an exact moment it is better to just use the Earbud headphone volume control or a remote.

    Stanley Greenberg
    6 years ago

    How is the Siri Shortcut better than just saying "Hey, Siri, Check in with Bill Smith" or whatever?

    6 years ago

    Stanley: Depends on the shortcut. If it already was something that you could do with a simple command, then the only difference is you can change the words that trigger it. But in this case what does the example you used mean? What would Siri do? It wouldn't know to text that phrase.

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