MacMost Now 436: 17 Ways to Launch an Application in Mac OS X

You can launch an application using the Finder, Dock, keyboard, Terminal and even your voice. See how many of these you knew about.
Video transcript available soon.

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    14 years ago

    Hi Gray

    Thanks for the great videos. There is away of opening an open application which is something like cmd + tab. It opens the icons in a panel on the centre of the screen but how do you open them?



      14 years ago

      Command+Tab tab shows you the Application Switcher -- these are applications already running. Just hold Command down and continue to press Tab until the application you want to switch to is outlined. Then let go of Command to switch to it.

    14 years ago

    I also noticed that CMD+DownArrow opens a selected application or file. I don't think it was covered in the video. I don't remember how I figured that one out.

    Also, what software did you use to do the screen capture? It's definitely not ScreenFlow.

      14 years ago

      That's at 0:23.
      Usually I make the MacMost Now videos with Wirecast + iMovie. But in this case I did use ScreenFlow, yes.

    14 years ago

    You video's are probably very interesting but many non-Americans do have great difficutty in understanding what your talking about;
    - please talk •much• slower and
    - get rid of that terrible American accent
    - take a course in "BBC-English"
    Or - even better - show story in writing also.

    BTW: Apple's promotional video's are just as bad as yours (!)
    Best wishes (I'll keep on readung MacMost)

      14 years ago

      From me, I guarantee you will always get one thing: me.
      That is, me doing my videos as a genuine person that really talks like you see in the videos using his real voice.
      I'm sorry if that isn't what you would like. But I realize I can't please everyone. :)

    14 years ago

    Informational and cool too. No trouble understanding you at all. Don't change a thing.

    14 years ago

    I am Australian and have no trouble understanding your accent. Don't change a thing.

    14 years ago

    Hi Gary

    Thanks your reply worked, opened running apps.
    As for your videos don't change a thing. If we all spoke/sounded the same it would be pretty drab world!;)

    Cheers (as we say in the uk:)


    Pat Birkmeyer
    14 years ago


    Thanks for all the great podcast videos. I have learned more here about my (MAC|iPhone|iPad) than anywhere else. Of course, I let all new advocates to the Apple world know about your web site, .

    In episode 436 (17 ways to open an application) you used some mouse pointer software that would create an expanding red circle when you clicked something; and created a little red ball when you were choosing from a drop down list.

    What is that software? I would like to acquire it, as I am planning to do some tutorial podcasts of my own in the near future.


    13 years ago

    Your videos are spot on, very conversational, and barney simple to understand. I would suggest that you change NOTHING. They are fine the way they are.

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