Access Safari Passwords On Your iPhone

If you need to see your stored Safari passwords while on the go, you can get to them on your iPhone. While they are automatically inserted when using Safari on your iPhone, to use the passwords on another device you can go to the Settings app and view them there.
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Let's say you've been using Safari to store your passwords. That way you can use strong, random, unique passwords for every website. It works great on your Mac and because you're using iCloud Keychain you can use the same passwords on your iPhone. They just automatically appear.

But what if you're using another computer. You've got your iPhone with you but you're in a public place using a public computer or maybe you're at a friends house and you need to log onto a website. How can you get your password from your iPhone?

Well, you can but it's not in Safari. You have to go into the Settings app. In Settings, if you scroll down to the apps here and you go to Safari you can see under General there's a section for passwords. When you go into Passwords, and you're going to have to enter your passcode or use touch ID, you'll be able to see a list of all your stored passwords and get access to them.

So you can see a list and scroll through all of them or you can start by entering in some text at the top to search. You can search by your ID that you're using or the service that you are using.

So here I've started to search for my Twitter passwords and I can see my account names and then I can go into each one to look at the password. Now you can see the password and you can now use that for entering it manually in another computer. You can also hit the Edit button at the top to actually edit the information. So it's useful for other things as well if you need to edit on the fly.

With the main list you can also use the Edit button at the top to delete passwords. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom there's an Add Password button. Here you can add a website, user name, and password while on the go. This could be really handy because then, of course, this would sync back to your Mac.

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    2 years ago

    This is the most useful website I have for learning, thanks Gary

    2 years ago

    In Safari is there a way to change the generated passwords to include symbols and no duplicate #’s or letters. I tried using a generated password on one of my banks but they do not accept duplicate letters or numbers and they require special symbols. All I could get when generating a password was a series of 12 letters & numbers with a dash after every 3rd sequence.
    Thanks, Bob

    2 years ago

    Bob: No, there’s no customization in that way. You can use a third-party app, like 1Password, to do it, though. Or, if this is the only case, then just remove the dashes and duplicates manually this one time.

    Wow, they don’t allow duplicate letters? That makes the password WEAKER. That was actually one of the key factors in how the British broke the German enigma encryption during WWII. Some Germans didn’t believe they should allow duplicate letters in encryption keys. It reduced the number of potential keys dramatically.

    Mark Broadwith
    2 years ago

    simple. Brilliant. As always. MacMost is my ‘go to’ place for anything Mac; many thanks, again. Mark.

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