MacMost Now 197: Print Directly From iPhone to Printer

In this MacWorld Expo special, learn how to print photos and screen shots directly from your iPhone to a printer using the HP iPrint Photo App.
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I've gotten several questions over the last few months about how you could print from your Iphone directly to a printer after all some other cell phones and PDA's can do this, well there's no real built in way to do it, but HP has come up with a way for you to print directly from your Iphone to an HP printer and it's a little Iphone App that's available for free, I talked to Rick at HP about it. Alright I'm here with Rick from HP, now Rick a lot of people have been asking me you know is there a way to print from my Iphone just directly to a printer without bringing to my computer first? Wow great question and in HP we have introduced a new Iphone application that allows users to easily print photos directly from the Iphone or Ipod touch directly to a whole number of HP Printers. Excellent, so they have to be on the same network right? We have the application available for free from the apple app store it's called HP I print it's in the photography category you download it, it takes 2 minutes the application sees your photo, you select your photo you select print and the application can see x number of HP printers that are available on your wireless network, Excellent, ok so here's an Iphone and this is the new HP I-print application takes 2 minutes to download from the app store, it's free, once you download it and install it then you select it and it sees all the photos that are on your I-phone or I-pod touch select a photo, here's one right here, here's the UI usually people just have one HP printer available and it automatically finds that printer using apple's bonjour technology from the phone to the HP, all the HP printers fully support bonjour and you would just say print and then it would print a 4x6 image in high quality on a 4 x 6 photo paper from your HP printer, it's really fun and easy a lot of people don't know to if you want to print additional content this finds pictures but there's also a way to do screen captures from your I-phone so if you had a email or had some other kind of thing beside the picture you wanted to print you could do you know the screen capture by pressing this key and the home key to take the screen capture and you can select print, print that one as well, it's pretty fun and easy. You could find the HP I-print photo app for free in the I-phone app store until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    9 years ago

    I want to print from my iPhone without a computer.
    I want to print PDF doc’s.

    Why can’t a Bluetooth printer be used?
    What is the hold up. Such a disfunctional age
    we live in.

      9 years ago

      I agree. I want to be able to dock my phone to a printer just like I do when I charge it and print emails, documents, photos and whatever I have on my phone. It seems so simple so what is taking so long??????

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