MacMost Now 776: Securing Your iPhone

If your iPhone is stolen much of your personal data, including access to your email and online accounts, can be stolen as well. Protect yourself by setting up your iPhone correctly in advance. Turn on passcode protection and also the Find My iPhone feature. With Find My iPhone you can erase or track your iPhone.

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    11 years ago

    Thanks for the important reminder.

    When using lost mode -

    1. I assume your iPhone has to be receiving a data signal

    2. You must have credit or spare data remaining in your data plan

    Does apple have agreement with phone companies to allow lost mode to work wether or not you have a data connection / credit


      11 years ago

      Not sure. Just set it to wipe automatically after 10 tries in that case.

    Bruce John Shourt
    11 years ago

    Additionally, depending on the carrier, you may also be able to set up a SIM lock passcode to prevent voice call or data use. But I don't know if you have this and a thief powers the phone down and then up again if the Find My Phone function would then work. Do you know if a locked SIM prevents the GPS from location reporting? Or, in that case, would the phone have to be joined to Wi-Fi network to report its location?

      11 years ago

      Not sure. I've never heard of anyone trying it. I don't see the additional benefit.

    11 years ago

    Very informative! This helped me learn about the importance of setting up the security and how easy it is to do. Thanks! :-)

    11 years ago

    Looks like "Find My iPhone" doesn't work outside of US and/or in the roaming mode. My iPhone 4s, with all security features enabled, got stolen in March in DR and never surfaced in Find My iPhone. I guess, bad guys may know the way to deactivate it.

      11 years ago

      If a thief knows what he is doing he would power off the phone right away and then wipe it completely. In that case nothing can really help. That's probably what happened. Otherwise, Find My iPhone should work as long as there is a data connection.

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