MacMost Now 873: Understanding Smart Quotes

When you type a quote or apostrophe symbol on your Mac, it will usually automatically convert to the curly version. However, you can control when this happens on a per-app basis. You can also make exceptions to the process while typing. See examples in TextEdit, Pages and Mail.

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    11 years ago

    All of Gary's videos are interesting and helpful!

    Howard Kahn
    11 years ago

    Informative video. Is there a way to get the "." shortcut on OSX like the option in iOS?

      11 years ago

      What do you mean? I can think of a few things that apply to the . key on iOS.

    11 years ago

    Brilliant tip, how did you ever discover this undo technique? Until now I've used control+shift+" for straight quotes on mac.
    Appreciate so much.

    Linda Lyn
    11 years ago

    Thank you Gary
    Thank you for I have learn one more thing from you today.

    L. Lyn Aust

    11 years ago

    Another informative video from Gary.

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