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What Is The Best Way To Launch Apps On Your Mac?
There are many ways to launch apps on your Mac: LauncPad, Spotlight, double-clicking apps or documents, the Dock, Siri and more. So which is best? Let's look at each one of them and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.
13 Settings To Customize On Your Brand New iPhone
If you just got a new iPhone there are some settings you should review right away. Some will just change the appearance of your iPhone or how certain features work. But others could save your life.
Add Dates To File Or Photo Names With an Automator Script

You can use a shell script inside an Automator Quick Action to add the date of a file to the beginning of the file's name. You can also make this work with photos using the date the photo was taken from the metadata in the file. As a Quick Action you can easily apply this name change to one or many files at once.

Step By Step: Using The Mac Batch Rename Tool
You can rename a group or folder full of files at the same time using the built-in batch rename tool in the macOS Finder. You can simple replace some text with other text in all of the selected files, add text to the names, or add numbers to each file. When using numbers, you can replace the names with some text and a number, or keep the current name and add a number before or after it.
Saving and Recalling Window Positions With Automator
You can use JavaScript in Automator to save the positions of each window in each app to a file. Then you can recall those positions later if you want to resume working with the same window locations. This script will save as many position settings as you like and then allow you to recall them easily. You can even set it up as a keyboard shortcut.
Storing Photos in Finder Folders As an Alternative to the Photos App
If you prefer to not use the Mac Photos app, or would like to store some of your photos in a different way, a viable alternative is to simply store them as files in folders. You can use subfolders, file names, comments and tags to manage and organize these pictures. You can use the four different Finder views to view the photos, and Quick Look and Preview for other views and editing. You can even use aliases to create albums.
Create a Magic Fireball Video Using the Software On Your Mac
You can create a fireball in Keynote and then export it as a transparent video. You can then record yourself with QuickTime Player and place the fireball in your hand. It can move with you and you can even throw it if you put the time in to create animation keyframes in iMovie.
Mac Keyboard Commands For Writers

When you are writing on your Mac, you don't want to have to take your fingers off the keyboard to move the cursor or select text. There are a variety of keyboard commands you can learn to make it easy to move the cursor by letter, word, line or paragraph, delete characters or words, and make selections.

Learn How To Use Reader View To Read Articles Online
Reader View is a special mode you can bring up in your web browser that gets rid of ads and other page elements and lets you focus on the text of an article. In Safari on your Mac you can bring it up with the click of a button or a keyboard shortcut. You can also set a website to always show Reader View when possible, though this can cause problems. Firefox also has a Reader View, but Chrome's version is difficult to get to and doesn't work as well. Safari on iOS and iPadOS also has Reader View.
Compress PDFs On Your Mac With Preview or an Automator Quick Action
When you scan in documents with your iPhone or other device you sometimes end up with files too large to store or send in an email. You can easily compress a PDF using the Preview app on your Mac. However, the default compression setting is too high for most uses. Learn how to customize the compression with your own quartz filter and then use it in Preview or turn it into a Quick Action using Automator for one-step PDF compression.
Getting Started With the Game Dwarf Fortress On Your Mac
Dwarf Fortress is a complex strategy game where you control a group of dwarves as they build an underground fortress and mine the area. You can play it on your Mac but it is tricky to install and get working in macOS Catalina. Then you are going to want to add a custom tileset to make it look decent. I go through these setup steps, and then show you how to get starting with playing the game.
How To Use NFC Tags With Your iPhone
You can buy cheap NFC tags and use them to trigger Shortcuts and other actins on your iPhone. You can set up a Personal Automation that automatically runs when triggered by touching your iPhone to a tag. You can also write information to tags that can bring up web pages and request other actions from any iPhone or Android user with a recent device.
Column Browser and iTunes Remote Return To macOS
The latest update to macOS Catalina, version 10.15.2, brings back to beloved features of the old iTunes app. You can now view your songs library in the Music app using the Column Browser and control music playback on your Mac with the iPhone app iTunes Remote.
Questions New Mac Users Have When Switching From Windows
When a new Windows user switches to Mac, they can be frustrated by the differences. Here are some of the most common questions and problems that new Mac users face and the solutions. There are some great tips here to get your transition moving forward quickly. Welcome to the world of Mac!
Stop Using Albums To Organize Your Photos
Most people use albums to organize their photos in the Mac Photos app. However, it makes more sense to use Keywords instead of albums. You can create a Smart Album with any Keyword. But instead of Smart Albums, which can't be seen on iOS, you can simply search for a Keyword to view those photos just as if they were an album. You can also search for words in titles and descriptions, making them useful for organizing as well.
Cheaper Alternatives To the New Mac Pro
The new Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac ever, but it comes with a huge price tag. But if you are looking for a pro-level Mac, you have other choices. You can get the iMac Pro, which is cheaper and comes with its own 5K screen. You can also get an upgraded regular iMac or MacBook Pro. A budget option is to get an upgraded Mac mini with an external GPU.
Filling In a Web Page Form Using Automator
You can use JavaScript in Automator to fill in a web page form. If you make this a Quick Action you can access it from the menu bar or as a keyboard shortcut. This can help speed up situations where you need to fill in the same form every day.
Stop Doing These 8 Things On Your Mac
As someone who has been helping people with their Macs for a long time, I see lots of things people do with their Macs that if they stopped it would solve a lot of problems. Learn from my past experience and years of teaching to prevent current and future problems.
Using Handoff To Copy Text, Images and Files Between Your Apple Devices
The handoff feature of macOS and iOS allows you to use a Universal Clipboard to copy text, images, files or just about anything between your devices. You can use this to copy and paste text and images between documents while working with two or more devices. You can also transfer entire files this way, which is actually easier than using AirDrop in many situations.
Understanding the Function And Special Features Keys On the Mac Keyboard
New Mac users sometimes don't understand why the top row of keys on the keyboard don't work as expected. These keys are both the function keys and the special features keys, also knows as f-keys and media control keys. You toggle how these keys behave with the fn key. But a setting in System Preferences determines which mode is the default one and which requires the fn key.