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How To Scroll On a Mac Plus Tips And Tricks
Scrolling on a Mac is a basic skill, but works differently than on Windows so it can trip up new users. There are also many shortcuts and settings. Learn some new tricks even if you are an experienced Mac user.
10 Places Where You Can Zoom In On Content On Your Mac
In most apps there is a way to zoom content, making text or images larger. How you do this often varies by app, and some apps don't like you zoom in at all.
How To Set an Alarm On a Mac

While there is no Clock app on a Mac yet, you can use the Calendar to set an alarm for any time on any day. By adding an Automator script, you can have that alarm play a sound at full volume or speak some text.

Adding Sound Effects in iMovie
You can easily add sound effects to your iMovie projects with the built-in effects that come with iMovie. You can also drop in any other sound, including ones you record on your own. By modifying sounds effects with iMovie's tools, you can make generic sound effects work in almost any situation.
How To Change File Creation Dates To Match Photo Metadata

When you export photos from the Photos app the date of the file doesn't match the date the photo was taken. This is correct as the file is new and the photo in it does retain the metadata with the original date. But if you want to force the file date to match the photo date, you can do it in the Terminal or with an Automator app.

Where To Find Apps That Launch Automatically On a Mac
Your Mac automatically launches apps when you startup and when you log into your user account. Here's where to look to see what your Mac launches automatically. You can add your own items in one of these place, and use all of them to see what things are running in the background.
Mac Safe Mode: What Is It And When To Use It
Safe Mode is a way to reboot your Mac that can help you diagnose problems, and sometimes even fix them without doing anything more. Learn how to boot into Safe Mode and steps you can take to fix your Mac.
4 Ways To Type Special Characters On A Mac
You can type special characters on your Mac using one of four different techniques. For accent marks and character variations you can hold down keys on the keyboard or use Option and Shift to access some keys. You can also bring up the Emoji & Symbols chooser for thousands of special characters. Watch for more options and tips.
How To Use iMovie's New Backgrounds
iMovie 10.2.4 intriduces some new backgrounds that are comprised of two colors and can be customized to use any two colors you like. You can use these as standard backgrounds, but also as overlays mixed with a variety of iMovie tricks to create special effects.
Which Versions Of macOS Are Compatible With Your Mac?
If you are using an older version of macOS and are ready to update to a newer version, the first step is figuring out which versions of macOS your Mac can use. Apple provides compatibility information for each version, and you can find them all at as well. If you are looking to downgrade or to upgrade to a version not supported by your Mac, I have some general advice.
A Look At the New Shortcuts App For Mac
The new Shortcuts app coming to macOS Monterey will let you create automations to control your Mac in various ways. It will co-exist with Automator and works in a similar way. Look at some examples of Mac Shortcuts that you'll be able to create.
How To Share Files Using iCloud
Instead of sending large email attachments, using iCloud Drive file sharing to share a file with other people so they can receive the file when they are ready. Create a shared folder to make it easy to send files back and forth between people you regularly share files with.
How To Show Zeros As Empty In Mac Numbers
Often you want to display formula results only if the value isn't zero. The best way to do that is with a Custom Format. You can also use functions like IFERROR to display something other than an error message in some situations.
10 New Features Coming Soon In iPadOS 15
iPadOS 15 will bring many new features to the iPad this fall. You'll be able to add widgets where you like, set Focus modes, access multitasking without gestures, use Quick Notes and much more.
13 Ways To Put Your Mac To Sleep
You can put your Mac to sleep many different ways including keyboard shortcuts, special gestures and interactions, an automatic timeout, and even Terminal or Automator scripts.
New macOS Monterey Safari Tabs and Tab Groups
macOS Monterey changes how Safari tabs look. The address field is now integrated into the tab and Tab Groups allow you to use lots of tabs without cluttering the top of your browser window.
15 New Features Coming To macOS Monterey
With more than 100 new features coming to macOS 12, it is hard to talk about them all, especially so early in the beta test cycle. So here are 15 new features that I think will be interesting and useful.
How To Switch Between Mac Apps, Desktops, Windows, and Tabs
When multitasking on your Mac you often need to switch between apps, open windows and tabs in the current app, and spaces containing desktops and full-screen apps. There are many ways to switch between all of these things using the mouse or trackpad and keyboard shortcuts.
WWDC 2021: So Many New Features Coming In macOS Monterey and iOS 15
Apple announced macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15 today with a huge long list of new features. Apps like FaceTime, Notes, Safari, Photos, Maps and Health are getting lots of new things. The Shortcuts app is coming to the Mac and much more.
How To Create a Treasure Hunt Game With Your iPhone and NFC Tags
With a few NFC tags you can create a treasure hunt game that others can play. Put clues on a fre website and link the tags to each page. Design your own game for your kids, students, friends or family.