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10 Hidden Commands and Features On Your Mac
Here's a list of 10 features of your Mac that are hidden from view. You'll learn about hidden folders and files, hidden Safari menus, how to access hidden markup tools in Mail and Photos, hidden toolbar buttons, hidden menu commands and even characters hidden in your keyboard.
Better Ways To Organize Important Email Messages On Your Mac
Many people archive important email to mailboxes or folders inside the Mac Mail app. But this may not be the best way to save important messages. Instead, export them as files so they exist in the Finder and you can name them, organize them, and archive them as you wish.
How To Manage iPhone and iPad Backups In macOS Catalina
It is a good idea to back up your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, but it is also easy to forget old backups when you switch to a new device. These old backups take up a lot of space on your Mac's drive. You can find them in macOS Catalina if you know where to look and see how much space they use and easily delete them to free up that space.
Create Beautiful Photo Slideshows In Mac Keynote
While you can use iMovie or Photos to create slideshows, Keynote is probably the most advanced tool with the most options. You can quickly import many photos onto individual slides. Then you can work with each slide to scale and adjust each photo. You can add text and transitions. You can even create a Ken Burns effect by moving and scaling a photo over time. Once you have perfected your slideshow, you can export it as a video to share. You can also record naration to include in the video.
Create Your Own Custom Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
You can create your own custom keyboard shortcuts on your Mac for any item in the Mac menu bar. By going into System Preferences you can set a shortcut using the exact name of the menu item in an app or across all apps. You can also change the shortcut assigned to a menu item.
How To Create Simple Animation With Mac Keynote
While Keynote is primarily a presentation tool, you can also animate objects with movement, rotation, opacity and scaling. You can include these animations as part of a presentation, or build them to use as animated GIFs or segments of a video.
How To Store Your Music On an External Drive
In macOS Catalina if you are not using Apple Music you can choose to store your music files on an external drive. There are a number of methods you can use. Also learn how to clear out your Music app library to start from scratch.
How To Clean Up Your iPhone Or iPad To Free Up Space
If you iPhone or iPad is almost full, you may need to take the time to clean out things you no longer need. iOS makes this easy by providing a list of apps showing how much space each uses and giving you controls to delete content. You can also change settings for Messages, Photos and the Camera apps so you use less space.
12 Things You May Not Know You Can Do With PDF Files In Mac Preview
Preview is a great tool for viewing PDF documents. But you can do much more than just viewing. You can fill in forms, even PDFs that don't have preset fillable fields. You can password-protect them, export them as images, merge documents, rearrange and delete pages and more.
12 Things You May Not Know You Can Do With Images In Mac Preview
Preview is a great tool for viewing image files. But you can do much more than just viewing. In addition to the annotation tools you may already be familiar with, you can also use Preview to export images into a different format, crop, resize and adjust colors. You can even import images from cameras or scanners.
10 Ways To Make Your Email Signature More Interesting
We include email signatures with every message we send, but often don't put much thought into the signature itself. You can make yours stand out with some simple techniques like using colors, including emoji or clever combinations of characters, images and more.
3 Ways To Automate Keystroke Sequences On Your Mac
If you need to repeat a specific set of keyboard commands or movements often, you can reduce the sequence to a single action. One method is to use Automator Watch Me Do actions, which record key presses and allow you to repeat them. You can also write a script in Automator to press keys. A third method involves using the Mac Accessibility Keyboard to record and play back the sequence.
Creating Organizational Charts In Mac Pages Or Keynote
You don't need special software to create beautiful organizational charts on your Mac. You can use the shapes in Pages and Keynote along with techniques like groups, images in shapes, and connection lines. Learn the skills you need to build any diagram design.
How To Use the Mac Color Picker
The Mac Color Picker will appear when you want to choose a color in most Mac apps. You'll see it when you want to set the color of text, shapes, adjust images, draw, and many more places. There are several ways to choose colors and some of them are highly customizable.
An Introduction To Computer Programming On Your Mac
Early personal computers made it easy to get into programming. Today's computers come ready-to-use and most people will never write a single line of code. Learn the basic concepts of coding with 6 lessons in less then 20 minutes. Use Script Editor on your Mac to write simple programs and take your first steps in learning how software works.
8 Better Alternatives To Sending Large Email Attachments
Sending large files as email attachments can be probematic when you have server limits and bandwidth issues on either end. There are better ways to send files. You can use photo or video-specific sharing sites. For other files you can use free file sharing services, cloud services or get your own professional server.
The Guide To Using Mac Status Menu Icons
Status Menus, also called Menu Bar Icons, are the small menus that appear on the right side of your Mac's menu bar. Learn how to arrange, remove and add them. Find out how access hidden features and functions. Get more from third-party apps. See how you can access them with your keyboard and other tricks.
iCloud Is Not a Substitute For a Time Machine Backup With Your Mac
Many people decide to skip using a backup like Time Machine to protect the files on their Mac, in favor of simply using iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos. While cloud services are a great way to sync and access your files across devices, they fall short when compared to backing up with something like Time Machine. Learn why you should use Time Machine in addition to iCloud to keep your files and photos safe.
Creating Droplets From Compressor To Compress iMovie Video Files
iMovie offers limited setting for exporting videos. You can use Apple's Compressor app to take high-quality iMovie videos and compress them however you like. You can also create stand-alone droplet apps to make repeated conversions quick and easy. You can do the same with audio files creating in GarageBand and elsewhere.
An Introduction To Using Mac Automator
Learn the basics of using Automator on your Mac to create workflows. Automator is a useful productivity tool but it can be intimidating for non-programmers. Learn how to use Actions to build Workflows to get things done. This is a basic introduction for those who have never used Automator before.