MacMost: Video Podcast

Customizing and Using Control Center on Your Mac
Learn how Control Center on your Mac works and how to customize it. You can have many controls either in the Menu Bar or in Control Center to save space. Control Center items sometimes act as switches but can often also be used to get to other settings.
Learn How To Properly Record Your Screen on a Mac in One Minute
Don't use your phone's camera to record your Mac's screen. Instead, use the built-in screen capture tool to make a nice clean recording.
Mac App Switcher Tips and Hidden Functions
There are a lot of hidden functions in the Mac App Switcher. You can quit and hide apps using it, switch to a specific window, and use it to drag and drop.
4 Ways To Make Your iPhone Wallpaper Change Automatically
Instead of looking at the same wallpaper on your iPhone every day, you can use Shortcuts or Focus modes to have them change automatically. You can look at specific wallpapers at specific times of the day, or have a random wallpaper or photo show each day.
Learn How To Take a Proper Screenshot On a Mac In One Minute
Don't use your phone's camera to take a picture of your Mac's screen. Instead, use the built-in screen capture tool to take a clean detailed screenshot.
7 Ways To Customize the Finder Toolbar on Your Mac
Here are some useful ways to customize your Finder toolbar with new buttons. You can add Finder commands, folders, files, and even Shortcuts that do various things.
Track Your Expenses in Mac Numbers
You can use a simple spreadsheet in Numbers to track your home or personal expenses. No formulas or calculations are required. Just record your expenses and then use a simple Pivot Table to see a summary of your expenses by category over months or years. Follow this step-by-step tutorial.
14 Tips To Help You Focus While Working On Your Mac
When it is time to focus on getting work done you have to fight many distractions that will show up on your Mac. Learn how to focus on one app, minimize notifications, use Reminders and Notes to help you focus and much more.
Advanced Math Calculations Using Spotlight
You can do more than just basic calculations with Spotlight on a Mac. You can use parenthesis, exponents, trig functions, include units and much more.
Using Multiple Clock Timers On Your Mac
A new feature in macOS 14.2 is the ability to set more than one timer in the Clock app. You can name the timers and also reuse recent ones without needing to recreate them from scratch.
How To Set the Default Browser and Email App On Your Mac
If you want to change your default browser from Safari and your default email app from Mail, you need to go to unlikely places to find the right settings.
How To Organize Files On Your Mac
Both new and current Mac users often ask me how they should organize their files on their Mac. Here is my advice for how to do it.
Launchpad: It's More Useful Than You've Been Told
LaunchPad is a useful tool on your Mac for launching and switching to apps. It can be the fastest way to launch any app, and also allows you to organize them as you like. Learn some tips and tricks for using LaunchPad.
Tips For Quoting Messages in Mac Mail
When replying to an email message you can quote all or a part of the previous message in your reply. Learn how to only quote portions instead, and many other tips to make your replies better.
Using Freeform On a Mac: A Quick Course
Freeform is a useful app that allows you to create visual documents that aren't notes or word processing files. Learn how to add text, shapes, connection lines and more to build anything you like.
Multi-Step Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know
Sometimes more than one keyboard shortcut can be use in rapid succession to perform an action. Here are some examples of combining keyboard shortcuts to perform various tasks and increase your productivity.
Using Tabs In Apps Other Than Your Web Browser
While most Mac users will use tabs in their web browser, many forget that tabs work well in the Finder and other apps too.
Alternatives To the iPhone Action Button
If you don't have an iPhone 15 Pro with the action button, you can still easily trigger a variety of actions using on-screen buttons, tapping the back of the iPhone, pressing the side button or even the volume buttons.
Understanding Safari Browser Profiles
In macOS Sonoma you can use browser profiles to keep home and work separate while viewing web sites. You can log into different accounts in different profiles and have multiple profiles each open in its own window.
10 Ways To Deal With Vertical Video in iMovie
iMovie is mostly for horizontal video. But often we end up with vertical video from our iPhones. You can deal with vertical video in many creative ways in iMovie.