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4 Ways To Store Secure Notes On a Mac
If you need to securely store information that is not a password, like a safe or padlock code, pin number, or anything else, you have several options that don't involve third-party apps. You can save the information as a fake password, create a secure note in Keychain, create a locked note, or save an encrypted document.
Productivity Series: Reminders Lists
I use the Reminders app in a few ways that others do not. To me, Reminders is a to-do list app. But I also use it to store ideas. Just about anyone who does something creative can use ideas lists. This is part of a series where I share some of my own productivity methods.
Using the Amazing New Live Text Feature On Your iPhone
Live Text allows you to copy text in your photos and take other actions as well. You can use it on your existing photos and you can also capture text without taking a photo at all.
The New Pivot Table Feature In Numbers
The latest version of Mac Numbers adds a new Pivot Table feature. You can now quickly and easily create pivot tables based on the data of another table. Use pivot tables to visualize information in different ways.
Using Safari 15 Tabs On an iPhone
Using Safari on an iPhone is a whole new experience thanks to the new Tab Bar at the bottom of the screen. You can now go to sites, search, create and switch to tabs, organize into tab groups and more all while holding the phone in one hand.
10 Weird macOS Features That Are Somewhat Useful
There are some strange and hidden features in macOS. Here are 10 that are also somewhat useful. Learn how to make uyour Mac speak the time, summarize articles, speak in odd voices, show hidden Finder sorting columns and more.
Why You Can't Edit PDF Files In Mac Preview
Preview is a PDF viewer that comes with your Mac. While you can annotate PDFs, you can't really edit them. The proper way to edit a PDF is not to use a PDF viewer at all, but to go back to the original source document and edit that document in the app it was created in, then export a new version of the PDF.
Productivity Series: How I Handle Email
A big problem for a lot of people is dealing with email. Here are my techniques for keeping your inbox empty and how I file away old messages. This is the first in a new series where I share some of my own productivity methods.
15 More Things To Try On Your iPhone With iOS 15
Here are even more new features to try on your iPhone in iOS 15. Chck out new FaceTime features, background sounds, new widgets, drag-and-drop and much more.
Multitasking On the iPad With iPadOS 15
Apple has tried to make multitasking easier in iPadOS 15. While there are more straight-forward ways to do some things, it is actually more complex than ever. Learn the basics ansd then practice them to master multitasking on the iPad.
Using the New Safari Tabs Features On Your Mac
Safari 15 includes major changes to how tabs look and work. You can now choose between two different ways tabs look at the top of the Safari window, and can create tab groups to organize your tabs.
15 New Things To Try On Your iPhone With iOS 15
iOS 15 has a lot of new features. Here are 15 you can try out right away to make your iPhone even better. Learn how to use Live Text, Visual Lookup, Focus, Weather maps, Hide My Email, Notes tags and much more.
Why Apps Start Automatically When You Boot Your Mac
A frequently asked question is why many apps will launch and windows will open when you start up your Mac. While many answer this question by pointing to Login Items, most people are asking this because they simply overlook a checkbox when shutting down or restarting their Mac.
10 Weird Apple Products From the Past
Many of Apple's most interesting products are no longer around. Some of these devices pioneered entire classes of computers and peripherals.
How To Block Spam Calls On an iPhone
There's no perfect way to block all unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone. But you can use some apps, blocking and a built-in feature on your iPhone to reduce the time you have to deal with them to almost nothing.
10 Useful Things To Add To the Mac Dock
You can add custom items to the right side of the Dock in macOS. Here are 10 examples of useful things that you can add to make it easier to access apps, files, and more.
Apple Event: New iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch
Apple announced the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max today at a special event. These new phones feature upgraded cameras, processor and more. A new base-model iPad was also announced, and a redesigned iPad mini that looks more like the iPad Pro line. The new Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger display and is more durable.
How To Adjust Margins In Mac Pages
Learn how to adjust the margins for Pages documents and what document margins really affect. Margins never restrict objects you place, so you can treat them as guidelines not restrictions in most cases.
The Completely Free Artist Toolkit For Mac
Here are five great Mac apps for artists that are completely free. No trials or in-app purchases. If you want to edit images, draw vector graphics, edit audio or work with 3D, check out these apps that all have a proven track record and many years of development.
How To Disable Command+Q On a Mac
If you find sometimes you accidentally press Command+Q and quit an app, here are three ways to deal with it. First, if you have your settings right, you can recover from accidentaly quitting without losing any work or the windows and tabs you have open. You can also disable Command+Q for any one app. There is also a way to override Command+Q with another keyboard shortcut to prevent yourself from using it anywhere.