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Viewing by Groups in the Mac Finder
When viewing files in the Finder you can group the items in a folder by kind, size, date and more. How this works depends on which Finder view you choose. You can also sort the files inside each group.
Understanding Numbers Column References
Instead of using a range of cells, you can refer to an entire column of cells by using just the letter for the column. But you need to be aware of how header and footer rows work first.
Hidden Mac Easter Eggs (2023)
There are secret messages and fun images hidden throughout macOS.
Different Ways To Access Files On Your Mac Desktop
The Desktop is a unique folder on your Mac that gives you quick access to the files and folders in it, providing other windows aren't in the way. Here are some ways to get to your Desktop items.
Accessing Document History on Your Mac
When using Apple apps and some third-party apps you can access a history of previously saved versions of the document. This is handy for reverting to an older version or bringing back delete content.
How To Use ChatGPT and Bard To Get Tech Help
A good alternative to online forums for tech help is to use the new AI chat sites. Since they draw on a large sample of online information, you can often get help quickly and easily ask follow-up questions.
Techniques for Creating Letterhead Templates in Mac Pages
You can create your own custom templates that have your letterhead at the top of the first page, all pages, or different letterhead for first and subsequent pages. You can then easily use this template to create future documents.
Creating Connection Lines in Keynote and Freeform
You can use connection lines in Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Freeform to create organization charts, diagrams, infographics and much more.
7 Things You Should Do Before Downloading App From Outside of App Store
When you download an app from outside the App Store, you are taking a risk. But if you research the app and developer, ask your peers, check out their website and do the work, you can reduce the chance of any problems.
Using the Keyboard Navigation Option On Your Mac
Learn how to switch on Keyboard Navigation to use the keyboard to navigate through dialog boxes and some app windows with just the keyboard instead of using a mouse or trackpad.
13 Tips To Make Your MacBook Battery Last Longer
If you need your MacBook's battery to last as long as possible through a tough day, here are 13 ways you can save energy to get there.
How Cell References Automatically Adjust in Numbers
When you copy and paste a formula in Numbers it doesn't just paste an exact duplicate of the formula. Instead, it adjusts the cell references based on the locations of the original and the new location. Learn why and how it does this, and how to modify this behavior to fir your needs.
How To Have Quick Access To Your Favorite Emoji Characters
It is fairly easy to find and type emoji and other special characters on your Mac. But you can also create a customizable list of favorites that are always available.
An Introduction To Mac Finder Tags
You can use Finder tags as a way to organize your files on your Mac and throughout iCloud Drive. Tags are more dynamic than folders since a file can only be in one folder, but can have many tags applied.
You Are Using These Folders On Your Mac Wrong
What's the right way to use your Downloads folder? How about the Trash or the Desktop folder? Take a look at different standard locations on your Mac and learn some best practices for using them.
10 Reasons You Should Be Using AirDrop To Transfer Files
AirDrop is the best way to transfer files between Apple devices in most cases. Learn why you should be using AirDrop instead of file sharing or cloud services for file transfer.
Using Video Stabilization in iMovie and Final Cut Pro
Any handheld video is going to be a little shaky. When building movies in iMovie or Final Cut Pro you can add video stabilization to your clips to smooth things out or even make some clips look like they were filmed using a tripod.
Hot Corners On the iPhone and iPad
You can use Hot Corners on the iPhone and iPad just like you can on a Mac. However, the functionality depends on using a pointing device like a mouse and is meant more as an Accessibility function.
Using Different Display Resolutions With Your Mac
You can set your display resolution to what you think looks best for your eyes and your use. Don't let anyone tell you that you should only use a particular resolution and don't worry too much about the performance warning.
Try This To Make Notification Center Widgets More Useful
I believe many people don't make use of Notification Center Widgets and the reason could be because they show too much information. Instead, try forcing it to show you some specific information that you need throughout your day.