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12 New Features in Mac Photos
Apple added a whole bunch of new features in the Mac Photos app with macOS Ventura. Learn how to find duplicates, remove the background, copy and paste adjustments and much more.
How To Use the New iCloud Shared Photo Library
You can now have a shared photo library between you and other members of your family. Each person can edit and manage the photos in the library and you can view photos in it alongside photos in your own personal library.
Using Mac Reminders List Templates
A new feature in macOS Ventura is that you can now create list templates in Reminders. You can use these to easily recreate lists with some default items instead of starting from scratch.
Using the New Mac Weather App
macOS Ventura includes a new Weather app, as does iPadOS 16. You can get current conditions and forecasts for your locations and anywhere around the world. The information and maps are quite detailed.
10 New Features In Mac Messages
Apple added some new features to the Messages app on the Mac, including some that even Apple doesn't mention.
How To Schedule Start Up, Shut Down or Restart In macOS Ventura
The ability to schedule power events in System Preferences doesn't exist in macOS Ventura. Instead, if you really need to schedule a repeating shut down, start up, restart or other power event, you can do it using a simple Terminal command.
9 New Features in the Mac Mail App
macOS Ventura adds some useful, and some not-so-useful features to the Mail app. Learn how to Undo Send, schedule a message for later and more.
The New macOS Ventura Clock App
The Clock app brings four new functions to your Mac: World Clocks, Alarms, Stopwatch and Timers. You can also access timers and alarms with Siri, Spotlight or using the Shortcuts app.
Ventura Redesigns: 7 Things Apple Changed
In addition to adding things for macOS Ventura, Apple also redesigned some parts of macOS. Check out the changes to the Share Sheet, Siri, Spotlight, Font Book and more.
Where To Find Things In the New macOS Ventura System Settings App
System Preferences has been replaced with System Settings in macOS Ventura. It looks very different and many settings have been moved and regrouped. Here's an overview of what has changed.
17 Hidden New Features In macOS Ventura
While Stage Manager and other big new features get all of the attention, there are also many new hidden features that few are talking about. Check out some of the most useful new options in macOS Ventura.
The Comprehensive Guide To Mac Stage Manager

Stage Manager is perhaps the most notable new feature in macOS Ventura. Learn how to use it and all of the tips and tricks. While essentially just another way to multitask, it does have some nice advantages over just using multiple Desktop spaces or windows alone.

What’s New In macOS Ventura
This new major update to macOS includes lots of new features such as Stage Manager, send later in Mail, Live Captions, copy subject from photos, use your iPhone as a webcam and much more.
10 Useful Mac Numbers Templates
Numbers comes with a variety of useful templates. You can use these in your daily life, or dissect them to learn how they work and learn some spreadsheet skills.
Apple Gift Guide 2022
Looking for a reasonably-priced gift for an Apple fan? Sick of seeing suggestions like iPhones and MacBook Pros? Here are some real-life ideas for gifts that prioritize fun over function.
Custom Paper Sizes In Mac Pages
You can create a custom page size with any width or height you like. The trick is knowing where to do to create these sizes, and then how to adjust other things like margins and headers after changing.
View and Control Your Apple Watch From Your iPhone
A new feature in iOS 16 and watchOS 9 is the ability to mirror you Apple Watch screen on your iPhone. You can use this to get a larger view of your Watch screen or to do a screen recording.
10 Ways To Look Up Dictionary Definitions On a Mac
Your Mac has a built-in dictionary that you can access in many ways. You can also get definitions from other sources.
How To Animate In Keynote Using Magic Move
Animation in Keynote can be as easy as duplicating a slide and making changes to create a start point and end point. Many professional animations in presentations just use this simple technique.
Learn How To Use Mac Pages In 5 Minutes
Learn how to create a Pages document and add text with formatting, line spacing, headers and footers and much more in this quick tutorial. If you need to get up to speed fast to start a report or paper, this tutorial is for you.