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10 Mac Copy And Paste Tips And Tricks
Copy and Paste on a Mac is pretty simple. But there are many advanced techniques beyond the basics. You can copy without styles, or only styles, copy and paste files, copy screenshots without saving them, copy more than one thing at a time, and even copy and paste between your Apple devices.
10 Ideas For Styling Title Text In Pages and Keynote
By using more than one text formatting or styling technique at a time, you can create title text that stands out more than just making the text large and bold. Here are 10 ideas for styling text that you can use in Pages and Keynote.
How To Scroll On a Mac
New Mac users sometimes have trouble with scrolling. You can scroll using a trackpad, mouse, the keyboard or scroll bars. Learn how and see some preferences you can change.
10 Hidden Things You Can Do With Your Mac Keyboard
In addition to keyboard shortcuts, there are hidden functions you can perform with your Mac keyboard if you know the right combination or setting. You can forward delete, bring up context menus and show hidden menu commands. You can even use the Caps Lock or second set of modifier keys for other things.
MacMost Live: Create a Montage Video In iMovie
Learn how to take a series of video clips and build a fun montage video to post of social media or share with friends. In this special live episode, watch Gary experiment and build a video piece by piece.
Customize Safari With These 10 Preferences
Safari has a lot of preferences but you can start customizing how it works by focusing on these 10. Change the behavior of what happens when you open a new window or tab, click on a link, or download a file. Also learn how to reduce clutter when typing in the address field.
Learn How To Edit Video With iMovie For iPhone In 5 Minutes
iMovie is Applke's free tool for combining, trimming, editing and producing video content on your iPhone. This quick tutorial will teach you how to use iMovie's main features in just 5 minutes.
How To Mail Merge On Mac With Pages, Numbers and a Simple Script

If you need to do a "Mail Merge" to print out personalized documents from Pages, you can do it with a simple script. A table from Numbers can be used to customize text boxes in the Pages document and then you can print them all at once.

Two Apps To Resize Images On Your iPhone
If you need to resize a photo you can use one of these two apps to crop, resize and compress the image to create a new photo or image file. You can also apply effects and make other changes. One add costsa few dollars and the other is free with an in-app purchase to remove ads.
3 Ways To Crop Photos On a Mac
You can crop a photo using the tools that come with every Mac. If the photo is in the Photos app, you can use the cropping function in the editing tools there. If the photo is an independent file, you can use Preview or Markup Tools to crop it.
Tips and Tricks For Using Shapes In Pages, Numbers And Keynote
The shapes in Pages, Numbers and Keynote can be used to spruce up a document or presentation. You can do much more with them besides a simple color fill and border.
10 Tips For Using iPhone Home Screen Widgets
Adding a widget to the Home Screen on your iPhone in iOS 14 is easy, but there are many tricks you can use to get the most out of this new feature. Learn how to create and edit stacks, use the Shortcuts widget, create homogeneous widget stacks and even have a Home Screen that contains only widgets and no apps.
Apple Announces New iPhone 12 Line And HomePod
Apple announced the iPhone 12 today which comes in four sizes, including the new "mini" size. The new phones feature 5G connectivity, a new design and a MagSafe connector on the back for chargers and cases. Apple also announced a new HomePod mini, a smaller version of its HomePod at a much lower price point.
Understanding Website Trackers And the New Privacy Report In Safari 14
Safari 14 adds a Privacy Report button prominently to the toolbar that allows you to see the trackers used by the current site. The report is good information, but there really isn't much you can do besides make sure that Safari's privacy features are enabled.
The Best Hidden Feature Of iOS 14: Back Tap
Back Tap is a handy feature that allows you to set custom actions for when you tap on the back of your iPhone. You can set two actions, one for double and one for triple taps. You can choose from a list, or create your own actions in the Shortcuts app.
Write Text With Your Apple Pencil Using Scribble On iPadOS 14
With iPadOS 14 you can use an Apple Pencil to write anywhere you type. The writing will be converted to text in most cases so you can use your Apple Pencil as an alternative to the keyboard.
How To Make Custom App Icons In iOS 14
You can use the free Apple Keynote app to make custom icons for your iPhone's Home Screen. You can use the shapes in Keynote and style them, or draw your own. Then use Shortcuts to place the icons on your Home Screen.
How To Embed a YouTube Video Into a Keynote Presentation
A new feature of Keynote is the ability to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video right into a slide in your presentation. Then you can show the video without having to switch to a web browser.
New 2020 Emoji For iPhone And Mac
Check out the new Emoji characters coming soon to iOS 14.2 and macOS Big Sur. New Emoji will include a ninja, Mx Claus, a Dodo bird, the pinched fingers gesture and much more! Look for them later this month when iOS 14.2, iPadOS 14.2 and macOS Big Sur are released.
Using Your iPhone While Camping
There are many uses for your iPhone while camping, even if you don't have a connection. Be sure to protect your iPhone and bring along some additional power.