MacMost: Video Podcast


In Episode 20 of the MacMost video podcast, we look at John Lennon coming to iTunes, EA games on the Mac, say goodbye to AppleWorks, and Gary disses iMovie 08.

We give a quick tip on how to set browser font sizes. Katie Bevard introduces us to The Next Internet Millionaire podcast in our Podcast Salad segment. Gary introduces Bumpercar 2, a kid-safe browser. And we ask the color of the first iMac in our MacMost Loot contest.


This week on MacMost episode 19, Eve Park and Gary Rosenzweig recap the recent Apple special event announcements including new iMacs, new versions of iLife and iWork and updates to .Mac service, iTunes widgets, the addition of Voices vocal loops for GarageBand, and the introduction of Numbers, Apple’s new spreadsheet. Our Quick Tip shows you how to get access to the complete iPhone manual. Our Must Download is Safari Enhancer, donationware from Celestial Frontiers. Our Must Bookmark is For MacMost Loot, our contest segment, we ask, “When did the first version of iLife come out?” Don’t forget to subscribe to MacMost Review, our new audio podcast.


This week on MacMost, Eve Park delivers a special report on the August 7th Apple announcements. Steve Jobs invited the press the Apple’s Cupertino headquarters for an Apple Event, where they announced a new line of aluminum and glass iMacs and Mini upgrades in hardware. For software they showed off iLife ’08, the overhaul of .Mac, iWork ’08, and hosted a Q&A. We also have a new audio podcast, MacMost Review, which you can subscribe to using iTunes. Be sure to go to for tips and tutorials throughout the week.


MacMost episode 17 is a Special Edition featuring our top 10 favorite downloadable applications for Macs. Starting with number ten, here they are: Flip4Mac, Graphic Converter, Audacity, Snapz Pro, Transmit, Omni Group Tools, Handbrake, Skype, Parallels, and TextWrangler. Be sure to go to for more tips and tutorials throughout the week.


This week on MacMost episode 16 we announce details of Apple and AT&T’s quarterly reports and report on the Duke University iPhone/Cisco incident. On the MacMost Shopping Network we feature the iPhone Shuffle. Our Quick Tip shows you how to prevent your iPod or iPhone from updating automatically. In our Podcast Salad segment, Katie Bevard introduces you to the Break A Leg podcast. For MacMost Loot, our contest segment, we ask, “What was Guy Kawasaki’s job title when he worked for Apple?” We also announce our newest podcast, MacMost Review, and audio podcast where the staff discusses Apple news and rumors.


This week on MacMost episode 15 we bring you iPhone news and much more. The iPhone has not yet been hacked, but one in three people surveyed say they plan to buy one. Also, 90% of iPhone owners surveyed said they are “extremely” or “very” happy with their new purchase. Macy’s will have new robotic iPod vending machines. Apple and Def Jam Records president Jay-Z may be forming a new Apple record label. Our Quick Tip shows you how to convert videos from you Mac for use on your iPod. This week’s tutorial shows you how to put iPhone compatible video on your website. Our Must Download for this week is iGlasses. For MacMost Loot, our contest segment, we ask, “Who was the graphic designer who designed the original rainbow Apple logo?”


This week on MacMost episode 14, we continue our extensive iPhone coverage with updated information about AT&T sales records, the iPhone locator feature, and parody another iPhone commercial. We also introduce you to several iPhone games exclusively created by MacMost for the iPhone. Our Quick Tip shows you how to make an On the Go playlist for your iPod. This week’s tutorial shows you how to type faster on the iPhone. Our Must Bookmark site for this week is For MacMost Loot, our contest segment, we ask, “In what year did Adobe first release Photoshop for the Mac?”


This week during MacMost episode 13, we explore iPhone mania and report that iTunes is the #3 music retailer in the U.S. Our Quick Tip shows you how to use iTunes to listen to an internet radio station. This week’s tutorial shows you how to start an iTunes account, which you’ll need for your new iPhone. We also feature Google Docs as this week’s Must Bookmark site.
(Episode lost?)


This week during MacMost episode 12, we inform you that Apple has canceled all personal shopping appointments for June 29th and note the pre-release iPhone improvements. Our Quick Tip shows you how to rename color labels. This week’s tutorial shows you how to change keyboard shortcut assignments. We feature the Internet Movie Database as our Must Bookmark site.


MacMost Episode 11
MacMost News: WWDC 2007, Leapord Features, Safari For Windows
Tip: Creating Folders
Tutorial: How to make a Mail filter
Must Download: Flip4Mac


MacMost Episode 10
MacMost News: YouTube on AppleTV, iPhone Release June 29th, iTunes plus downloads, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Meeting
Tip: Personalized Photo Desktop Background
Tutorial: How to download and install applications
Review: G-Tech G-Raid External Hard Drive
Podcast Peek: GeekGirl.TV


MacMost Episode 9.

MacMost News: StarCraft II, iPhone Stores, EMI Buyout, And The Engadget Hoax
Tip: Text Services
Tutorial: Disc Utility
Must Download: Skype


MacMost Episode 8.

MacMost News: iPods and Pacemakers, iTunes Gets Wings, New MacBooks, and Apple Market Share
Tip: Managing Widgets
Tutorial: Address Groups
Podcast Peek: MoBuzzTV


MacMost Episode 7.

MacMost News: Apple Most Innovative Company, Banned iPods In Schools, iQuiz Maker, and Apple Going Green
Tip: Opening Microsoft Word Docs
Tutorial: The Dictionary
Download: Google Earth


MacMost Episode 6.

MacMost News: Apple Stock up, American Idol Gives Back, iQuiz, and the George Foreman iGrill
Tip: stickies
Tutorial: Ejecting stuck CDs
Download: Firefox


MacMost News: Leopard Late, Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe CS3 Ships and Microsoft Silverlight
Tip: Tabbed Browsing in Safari
Tutorial: Slitting iTunes Libraries
Podcast: Tiki Bar TV


MacMost Episode 4.

MacMost News: 100 million iPods, Free iPods for students, and Big Biz Macs.
Tip: Activate Speech
Tutorial: Making Safari Bookmarks.
Podcast: Goodnight Burbank


MacMost Episode 3.

MacMost News: Apple/EMI Deal, MLB on iTunes, and Office 2007.
Tips: Reverse your screen colors, Zoom your screen.
Tutorial: Making PDFs.
Question: Burning a CD
Bookmark: Version


MacMost News: Adobe CS3, IPods Are Helping Doctors, and Nike plus.
Tips: Reset your iPod, resize the Dock
Tutorials: Dock Folders, Contexual Menus.
Question: Disabling fonts
Podcast Peek: Rumor Girls.


The first episode of MacMost.

News: AppleTV arrives, gMail integration, school switches to Macs.

Tutorials: Automatic iTunes playlists, FTP with Safari.

Podcast Peek: GeekBrief TV.