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How Do I Get Highlights To Print In a Pages Document?

After watching your excellent and thorough tutorial on the two highlighting options I tried printing the docs and the color highlighted area did not print.

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    3 years ago

    The review features, like highlights and comments, do not appear on printouts.

    So if your goal is to use the review features and then print out a version showing those highlights and comments, there is no way to do it.

    However, if your goal is to simply have highlighted text as part of your regular document, then don't use the review features. Instead, use character styling to add a background color to that text.

    Select the text you wish to highlight. Then in the Format sidebar, under Style, look for the Advanced settings button. It looks like a gear. Click that and set a Text Background color. If you create a character style that uses this it will be easier to apply and also remove multiple text highlights throughout your document.


    Billie Jempty
    3 years ago

    Highlights printed using the character styling you described. Thanks

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