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I have a small medical billing and consulting company. I am researching new practice management and billing software. I’m most interested in Web based software but I’m finding that some say that they are not compatible with Macs, huh? Any help would be ... (1 Comment)
Until recently, and possibly as a result of upgrading to Snow Leopard, I have lost the very convenient ability to begin typing the last name of an address book contact (while in Address Book and in the contact listing) and having the first contact that matched the characters I ... (1 Comment)
I use iChat with my sister who is in another part of the country. We use mostly video chat but sometimes she has a problem with her mac that I need to fix by taking control of her computer. After I gain access to her computer and fix the problem via Share Remote Screen, we would ... (1 Comment)
Since upgrading to SL 10.6 and now 10.6.1, I am unable to print to my HP Laserjet 1012 printer when connected to my wireless airport network via either an extreme or express base station. I detect the bonjour printer and supplied driver when creating the printer but receive a ... (1 Comment)
Is this the correct and confirmed way to hook my Mac Mini to my Standard Definition TV? 1. Mini Displayport to VGA adapter 2. a third-party VGA to video adapter (with composite and S-video out) 3. and a S-Video cable The reason I`m asking is Mac Mini (2009) has a MiniDVI-D and ... (3 Comments)
What are (or is) the best iPhone gps app these days.? — R.B. Pray ... (3 Comments)
It would be great to know how this all works! Create an new event in iCal, invite people to a meeting, appears in iPhone but cannot be altered and I am not sure how it works in MobileMe. — Steven Law ... (3 Comments)
Why doesn’t the Nehalem motherboard architecture have a southbridge chip? and when will PhotoShop CS4 recognize 8 gigs of RAM? — Bob O’Lary ... (1 Comment)
Is this possible? I know that you can change the size of the sidebar itself quite easily, but I’ve not found anyway to make the font larger. — Alex Quin ... (4 Comments)
We’re trying out a new way to let you ask questions. This way, when someone asks a question, the whole community can benefit from the answer and/or discussion. — Gary Rosenzweig ...