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Recent news, rumors, and notes of interest about Apple, Macs, iPhones, iPads and technology in general.


Apple released the first minor update to iOS 12 today, fixing two bugs. The new version is available as part of the software updates on iPhones and iPads with iOS 12. You can wait for the notification, or go to Settings, General, Software Update. (more...)


The companies that make up the Wi-Fi Alliance have revised the naming scheme that we all use to describe our Wi-Fi gadgets. The current top level, previously called 802.11ac will now simply be referred to as Wi-Fi 5. 802.11n is now Wi-Fi 4. Next year we will get a new standard with higher speeds called Wi-Fi 6, which was previously set to be called 802.11ax. (more...)


Three major universities today started allowing students to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as a student ID instead of a physical card. Students add the ID to their Apple wallet on their iPhone and can then access things like the dorms, library, lunch plans, and so on. (more...)


Apple has released new operating systems and new versions of major apps in the last few weeks, and today they also gave some love to users of their pro audio apps Logic Pro and MainStage. Logic gets Smart Tempo, multi-track stems and numerical editing for Alchemy parameter. MainStage gets text notes, new MIDI input functions and a better metronome. (more...)


The new version of Mac’s operating system began to show up in the Mac App Store today for all users with Macs that are compatible. Apple has a page that lists which machines can use it and some basics about upgrading. (more...)


Several different rumors over the last few days point to a new iPad Pro in the coming weeks. 9to5mac mentions that the beta of iOS 12.1 supports syncing Memoji across devices. That feature would make the most sense if one could own an iPhone and iPad capable of using Animoji, which would require a new iPad with the same front-facing cameras as the iPhone X series. MacRumors notes support for landscape FaceID, which would also likely be a feature of a new iPad Pro. In addition, there is support for 4K video output in the simulator used by iOS developers for the iPad. This could mean that the new iPad Pro uses USB-C as a connector instead of a Lightning port. It could make sense that an iPad Pro is the first device to jump to USB-C ahead of iPhones possibly moving there next year. (more...)


In addition to the release of iOS 12 today, Apple also updated their three office-like apps with a few new features. The update includes compatibility with new macOS Mojave and iOS 12 features, such as Continuity Camera and Dark Mode. (more...)


The big news items yesterday were the three new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4. But in addition to those, we also learned released dates for iOS 12 (September 17) and macOS Mojave (September 24). The absence of any mention of new Mac and iPad models seems to make it almost certain that Apple will have another event in coming weeks to announce more fall products. (more...)


As Wednesday’s Apple event approaches, the analysts are all guessing what Apple may unveil. As usual, a lot of predictions are vague and confusing, such as suggesting USB-C support for iPhones, which could just mean USB-C cables, and not the demise of the lightning port. (more...)


Media invites have been sent out for an Apple event at 10 a.m. on September 12. Apple is expected to at least announce new iPhones at this event. (more...)


It seems there is no doubt now that Apple is seriously thinking about making some sort of wearable AR device. Reuters reports that they just bought Colorado company Akonia Holographics. (more...)


Rumors are strong that Apple will announce a new MacBook Air model, and perhaps a new low-end MacBook in the coming weeks. Fitting in with those rumors was yesterday’s official announcement by Intel of new Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake chips, that are reportedly perfect for such models. (more...)


An analyst has predicted that the new iPhones this year may not have 3D touch, the feature where your iPhone’s screen can detect a stronger press on the screen to bring up extra menu choices. MacRumors has the details of the report which say that it could be just the budget models, or it could also be the second-generation iPhone X. (more...)


iOS 12 will introduce a new feature, already in testing, that will connect third-party password managers like 1Password and LastPass with Safari’s password AutoFill feature. Not only that, but other apps that use AutoFill will also be connected, meaning that you soon won’t need to retype passwords anywhere on iOS. (more...)


Apple is warning users that the Back to My Mac service won’t be a part of macOS Mojave. This was already suspected as it hasn’t been a part of any of the beta versions of Mojave either. Now users are getting a warning dialog to make sure everyone knows. (more...)


Almost all new cars today come with wireless key fobs instead of old-fashioned keys. An Apple patent, noticed by Apple Insider, details possible plans for replacing these devices with extra functionality of the iPhone. (more...)


A minor note in a prediction by TrendForce mentions that new iPhones coming later this year will allow the use of the Apple Pencil. Support for the Apple Pencil needs to be built into hardware of a device, and currently only recent iPad Pros and the new iPad from earlier this year support it. (more...)


Apple released new beta versions of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave today, and the much-anticipated group FaceTime feature was removed. This feature had been in previous betas, but MacRumors is reporting that beta release notes now state that this feature will ship in a future update later this fall. (more...)


Apple has offered the chance to trade in your old Mac, iPhone or iPad for credit for a while now. But now you can do so and get instant credit for the purchase of the new device at the very same time. (more...)


There are two interesting articles dealing with Apple Music and curation. Fast Company has an interview with Tim Cook in which he criticizes other services relying heavily on algorithms to suggest new music to users. At the same time, 9to5Mac reports that Apple has just added a new Friends Mix to Apple Music. (more...)