MacMost: News & Notes

Recent news, rumors, and notes of interest about Apple, Macs, iPhones, iPads and technology in general.


Unlike most minor updates, this one includes quite a few new features. You can get iOS 12.1.1 by going to Settings, General, Software Update on your iPhone or iPad that is already using iOS 12. It will roll out gradually throughout the day, so you may have to wait until you see it. (more...)


Amazon has announced that Apple Music will be available through their Echo home devices starting the week of December 17. (more...)


A company is offering a service to the public that unlocks the iPhone if you forgot your password or the owner is deceased. This expensive ($3,900) service may use the hardware box talked about earlier this year that is available to law enforcement to break into iPhones. (more...)


A class-action suit that started in 2011 may be moving forward in the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether Apple’s App Store is a monopoly. Developers and publishers can only distribute paid apps through Apple, and usually charge 30 percent to do so. (more...)


Apple stock has dropped almost 25 percent over the last few weeks due to news that suppliers of iPhone parts have cut production, leading analysts to think that iPhone demand is slowing. In addition, Apple announced that they will no longer be breaking out numbers for product sales categories in their quarterly reports, a move not received well on Wall Street. (more...)


Apple sent out a mass email today promoting a “four-day shopping event” starting this Friday, traditionally known as “Black Friday” in the U.S., when retailers have special sales to begin the holiday shopping season. (more...)


Apple updated Final Cut Pro to 10.4.4 and Motion and Compressor as well. The biggest new feature is allowing third-party services like and Shutterstock hook directly into FCP to add new features. For instance, comments can appear directly in the timeline and Shutterstock media can be searched right inside the app. (more...)


Some Siri functions could be available offline in the future. Apple Insider discovered a patent filing that suggests Apple is working on this. Currently, you need an Internet connection to use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or HomePod. (more...)


Reports are coming in that many people today had to verify their ID to log into their Apple accounts today. Both Apple Insider and MacRumors are reporting this, though headlines make it seem as if people are “locked out” of their accounts, when in fact they have simply been logged out of their accounts and need to verify their ID and/or change passwords to get back in. (more...)


Years ago, one of the places you could buy Macs was at But since then all you may find was a handful of odd resellers with used and older models, a few select items from Apple resellers, and a small selection from Apple. But that will change soon as CNET is reporting an official deal between Apple and Amazon. (more...)


The new Pages 7.3 released today gives writers the ability to publish a book directly from Pages to Apple Books. The new option in the File menu hooks directly into your iTunes Connect account if you have set yourself up as an Apple Books creator. Previously Apple offered a separate app, iBooks Author for this, which is still the only way to produce books that use some advanced features. (more...)


Apple News on iOS and Mac will be covering the election results live with a special feature beginning tomorrow evening. According to TechCrunch the Apple News Midterm Elections section will switch to Election Night with news coverage hand-picked by editors from a variety of news source and up-to-the-minute results from the Associated Press. (more...)


Appleā€™s third-quarter financial results beat estimates and set records, but iPhone sales were below estimates. In after-hours trading the stock was down, and opened down on Friday. (more...)


Over the last few years Apple has been rolling out AppleCare+ to more devices and countries. AppleCare+ is more expensive than standard AppleCare but provides the opportunity to get your device repaired when you have an accident, for a much smaller price than normal. And Apple just added this service to Canada, Mexico and much of Europe. (more...)


Earlier this year people were talking about the GrayKey box, a device that allowed law enforcement, and possibly others, to crack the security on an iPhone and gain access to the contents. But now it seems that Apple has figured out the problem and a fix was a part of iOS 12. (more...)


A new rumor about new week’s Apple event suggests that Apple may also announce a new iPad mini. 9to5Mac is reporting that it fits in well with past fall announcements that have featured a low-end iPad perfect for holiday sales. (more...)


Apple has sent out invitations to a special event on October 30. This is most likely when Apple will announce new products, such as possibly a new iPad and new Macs. Among the many rumors being circulated are the a new iPad Pro and a new MacBook Air are on the way. Others speculate a new Mac mini as well. (more...)


In mMy, Apple set up a special site where users in the European Union could download all data associated with their Apple ID in order to comply with new EU laws. Now Apple has added more countries where this function is available. (more...)


The rumors are true. Adobe will be releasing a full-featured version of Photoshop for the iPad Pro. They announced this at their user conference and on their site. (more...)


A new article from CNBC may answer the question of what Apple is going to change for their new TV network content next year. It could simply be free, an added incentive to purchase an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone instead of the competition. (more...)