MacMost: News & Notes

Recent news, rumors, and notes of interest about Apple, Macs, iPhones, iPads and technology in general.


While Apple’s brand is successful in most countries, there is one place where Apple hasn’t fared so well: India. At first Apple had trouble even selling iPhones in India, as the law there requires them to manufacture some percentage of devices inside the country. Even though they are available now, the vast majority opt for cheaper Android phones. (more...)


For years now, financial analysts have been predicting that Apple would become the first company with a market valuation worth more than $1 trillion. That happened this week when the stock price topped $206/share.
Of course, this is just a number. By itself, it doesn’t mean anything. However, the fact that Apple is the first to cross this milestone does mean something. And that no other company has a market valuation that high also means something.
Tim Cook put the focus back on the reasons for growth, not the number itself: “Financial returns are simply the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values.” (more...)


A Japanese blog is reporting that the new iPads coming out later this year will feature smaller bodies and no headphone jack. Others have also reported that maybe new iPads will have a “notch” and no Home button like the iPhone X to allow the display to go to the edges. (more...)


Digital Trends has an interesting look at an Apple patent that shows MacBooks and iPads acting as inductive (wireless) chargers for iPhones and Apple Watches. You just stick one device on top of the other and it charges. But the headline they pull out of this patent is about a minor point where the MacBook appears to maybe have a touch screen. (more...)


Apple Insider has an interesting story about an Apple patent that would make iPhone external lens attachments work better. The patent itself goes into all sorts of detail about how lenses fit and how the camera would adjust to them. But patents themselves aren’t worth much as rumor sources since Apple has a huge research and development department and they create all sorts of things that may or may not ever be used. (more...)


Last week there was a bit of a controversy as a MacBook Pro i9 user reported slowness when rendering video with his new top-end MacBook Pro. Turns out the problem is a software bug, not any performance issue or attempt by Apple to keep the processor from reaching its full potential. (more...)


The new 2018 iPhones are expected to allow you to use third-party fast chargers. These USB-C chargers will let you charge your iPhone quickly and use a USB-C to Lightning adapter. Mac Okatara is reporting that this will also mean the chargers need to be certified devices, and if not they won’t work, or at least not at high speeds. (more...)


So far Apple products have been spared from new U.S. import tariffs as phones and computers have been exempted. But the Apple Watch could be subject to those new tariffs, which could mean a price increase, or at least the lack of future reduced prices. (more...)


MacRumors today is reporting proof that the new MacBook Pro keyboard is in fact designed to resist dust better than the previous versions. Apple has advertised that the new keyboard is simply quieter, but experts have said that Apple may simply be trying to avoid admitting that the previous keyboards have had issues. (more...)


When people complained about the new MacBook Pros using USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports instead of old USB ports, I kept saying that they were missing something big. These new ports are not just ports, they are like expansion slots. Expansion slots just like opening up a desktop and inserting a card. And since then a few eGPU products have come out that let you do just that kind of thing. (more...)


Monday was World Emoji Day, and Apple shared a preview of some new upcoming characters to celebrate. There will be new facial expressions, and new hairstyles to represent a wider variety of people. (more...)


Since the day the iPad launched, people have wondered about the overlap between the Mac and the iPad. Lots of things, like browsing the Web, checking email, word processing and other tasks can be done just as easily on the iPad as on a computer. Pro-level apps have been the divider. Do you want to use Photoshop? Well, you need a computer for that. (more...)


When Apple surprised everyone with new MacBook Pros this week, the first question many asked was whether the keyboard was fixed. The previous generation of MacBook Pros were plagued by keyboards that broke easily. Often this was caused by dust that got under the keys. (more...)


Apple quietly announced, through an alert in the latest update to High Sierra, that they will no longer be offering print products like books, posters, and calendars. They have been offering such services since 2002 in iPhoto. The service will end September 30, which probably corresponds to the release of macOS Mojave. (more...)


Apple surprised everyone today with the release of new MacBook Pro models, and the retirement of the oldest in the line. The new models look essentially the same, but there are a lot of changes under the hood. (more...)


Both MacRumors and AppleInsider are reporting on an analyst report that Apple may update almost every major piece of hardware in the next six months. In addition to MacBook speed updates, there may be a new MacBook Air or a new low-cost model to replace it. The iMac may get a significant update and even the Mac mini as well. A whole new line of iPhones, some with OLED displays and all with Face ID and A12 processors. Also perhaps a new iPad Pro with Face ID and no Home button. And last but not least, a new Apple Watch with a larger display and new health features. (more...)


There are conflicting reports today about Apple’s relationship with 1Password, the password manager by independent software developer AgileBits. A report states that Apple is now buying 1Password licenses for all employees. But others are saying that Apple was already doing this, and has for a few years. But what is also interesting is that the report states that Apple is looking to acquire 1Password/AgileBits. (more...)


Apple changed everything a while back with iTunes, proving that people would pay for online music and that the future was all Napster-pirated stuff. But services like Spotify pioneered another way to distribute music online using subscription streaming instead of buy-and-download. (more...)