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MacMost Episode 9.

MacMost News: StarCraft II, iPhone Stores, EMI Buyout, And The Engadget Hoax
Tip: Text Services
Tutorial: Disc Utility
Must Download: Skype


This article will introduce you to basic audio recording on your Mac.

Jay From shows how-to create groups in the Address book and how to e-mail using a group list.

MacMost Episode 8.

MacMost News: iPods and Pacemakers, iTunes Gets Wings, New MacBooks, and Apple Market Share
Tip: Managing Widgets
Tutorial: Address Groups
Podcast Peek: MoBuzzTV

In this tutorial Gary shows us how to eject a stuck CD using a terminal command.

MacMost Episode 7.

MacMost News: Apple Most Innovative Company, Banned iPods In Schools, iQuiz Maker, and Apple Going Green
Tip: Opening Microsoft Word Docs
Tutorial: The Dictionary
Download: Google Earth


MacMost Episode 6.

MacMost News: Apple Stock up, American Idol Gives Back, iQuiz, and the George Foreman iGrill
Tip: stickies
Tutorial: Ejecting stuck CDs
Download: Firefox

Gary from shows us how to split up your iTunes Library to make multiple libraries for your music collection.

MacMost News: Leopard Late, Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe CS3 Ships and Microsoft Silverlight
Tip: Tabbed Browsing in Safari
Tutorial: Slitting iTunes Libraries
Podcast: Tiki Bar TV


Did you know there are thousands of children in Michigan without iPods? And did you know that for less than a DRM free download a day you can help these children who are starved for the sound of their teacher’s voice in their earbuds? Send your contributions to the Michigan Children’s iPod Fund, and we will send you a picture of a student that you helped sponsor, listening to their iPod. And remember, you will be helping to educate them against the dangers of Zunes.
Gary from shows us how to manage the bookmarks bar in Safari.

MacMost Episode 4.

MacMost News: 100 million iPods, Free iPods for students, and Big Biz Macs.
Tip: Activate Speech
Tutorial: Making Safari Bookmarks.
Podcast: Goodnight Burbank

Eve shows us some features of the Finder window.

MacMost Episode 3.

MacMost News: Apple/EMI Deal, MLB on iTunes, and Office 2007.
Tips: Reverse your screen colors, Zoom your screen.
Tutorial: Making PDFs.
Question: Burning a CD
Bookmark: Version

In this tutorial we show you Contexual Menus and how to access them.

MacMost News: Adobe CS3, IPods Are Helping Doctors, and Nike plus.
Tips: Reset your iPod, resize the Dock
Tutorials: Dock Folders, Contexual Menus.
Question: Disabling fonts
Podcast Peek: Rumor Girls.

You can use folders to better organize your dock. Group together applications in folders and add the folders to your dock instead of each individual app.

After playing with Apple TV, I have to report that it is a mixed bag. There are some things to really like, and plenty left to be desired.


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A first look at AppleTV. we show the set-up , take a look at the features and give you our first impressions of our new AppleTV.

How to use the Safari browser to FTP files.