MacMost: Video Podcast

MacMost Now 261: The Mac Grab Utility
In addition to screen capture keyboard shortcuts built into Mac OS X, you can also use the Grab utility to capture the screen. This enables you to capture windows and perform timed screen captures as well.
MacMost Now 260: Change Your System Alert Sound
You can change your system alert sound, even using a custom one that you create.
MacMost Now 259: iMovie 09 Editing Basics
Learn all of the different ways you can edit clips in iMovie 09. You can select a portion of the clip, trim the ends, split a clip, use the clip trimmer and the precision editor.
MacMost Now 258: Using Multiple Tables In iWork Numbers
iWork 09's spreadsheet program Numbers isn't like the old-fashioned spreadsheet programs you may be used to. You can create small tables and design a sheet with each table having its own numbers and formulas and also using numbers from other tables.
MacMost Now 257: Keynote Smart Builds
You can use Smart Builds in Keynote to quickly add a slideshow of photos into your presentation. The photos all exist on one slide, so you don't need to create a separate slide for each image. You can set the transition and other options.
MacMost Now 256: Using the Text Editors Hidden in Terminal
There are four text editors you can use from the Terminal: Pico, Nano, Vi and Emacs. Each can be used to quickly edit text files. Learn how to access them and what makes them different.
MacMost Now 255: Using Spreadsheet Formulas in iWork Numbers
Learn how to use basic spreadsheet formulas in iWork 09's Numbers program. You can use basic mathematical functions and also use functions to get the sum or average of a list of numbers.
MacMost Now 254: iPhone Copy and Paste and Other New Features
Take a look at how copy and paste work in the new iPhone OS 3.0. You can use it in Notes, Mail, Safari and just about any other application. You can even copy and paste pictures. Also look at landscape mode typing and the new search functionality.
MacMost Now 253: Cool Features of Pages 09
Pages 09 has some cool advanced features. You can easily switch to a full screen mode, hide and show areas in an outline, include charts with live calculations, export and mail documents as Word or PDF files, and create password-protected PDF files.
MacMost Now 252: Using the Mac Zoom Feature
The Zoom feature allows you to zoom in and look closer at a portion of your screen. It is a handy tool for anyone that works on a Mac.
MacMost Now 251: Safari 4 Top Sites Feature
Take a look at the Top Sites feature of the new Safari 4. It gives you a 3D preview of your most visited sites which you can customize to suit your needs. You also get a searchable coverflow view of your browsing history.
MacMost Now 250: New MacBook Pros, iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 3GS
At the WWDC today, Apple announced new MacBook Pro models, more details about Snow Leopard, the release date of the iPhone OS 3.0 and a new iPhone 3GS with a video camera.
MacMost Now 249: Finding Missing iTunes Artwork
Learn how to populate your iTunes music collection with artwork, even if the artwork is not in the iTunes database. You can search for your own art, even for albums that don't have any available, and add them manually to your iTunes collection.
MacMost Now 248: Using a Microphone With Your Mac

The line-in input on your Mac isn't meant for a microphone. Instead, you'll need a USB audio interface. Learn about them and what type of microphone is used to make MacMost Now.

MacMost Now 247: Using Automator to Playback Actions
Learn how to use Automator in Mac OS X Leopard to record actions and play them back. In this example, you'll see how to create an Automator script to save a Web page from Safari as a PDF.
MacMost Now 246: Keywords, Checkmarks and Ratings in iPhoto 09
Learn how to use keywords, checkmarks and ratings to organize your iPhoto collection.
MacMost Now 245: Building a MobileMe Web Site Without iWeb
You don't need to use iWeb to build a Web site in your MobileMe account. All you need to do is use your iDisk and store html files in your Web/Sites folder.
MacMost Now 244: Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn how to use the System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts section to create shortcuts for menu items in any application.
MacMost Now 243: Customizing Your iPhone
Learn how to customize your iPhone using the iPhone's settings. You can change your wallpaper, pick a custom ringtone, change how the home button works and add and arrange apps.
MacMost Now 242: iMovie Picture-In-Picture
Learn how to use the new Picture-In-Picture function in iMovie 09 to overlay video or a photo on top of your main video.