MacMost: Video Podcast

MacMost Now 243: Customizing Your iPhone
Learn how to customize your iPhone using the iPhone's settings. You can change your wallpaper, pick a custom ringtone, change how the home button works and add and arrange apps.
MacMost Now 242: iMovie Picture-In-Picture
Learn how to use the new Picture-In-Picture function in iMovie 09 to overlay video or a photo on top of your main video.
MacMost Now 241: Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro for Mac
MacMost reviews the Logitech Quickcam VIsion Pro, a USB web camera packaged specifically for Mac. It is a good replacement for the discontinued stand-alone iSight cameras if you don't have an iSight built into your Mac.
MacMost Now 240: Shut Down or Sleep?
Should you shut down your Mac or put it to sleep at the end of the day? Gary Rosenzweig looks at the different advantages of each, and reveals which one he favors.
MacMost Now 239: Prevent Fraudulent iPhone Charges
Mobile phone users must be vigilant and check for fraud on their monthly bills. iPhone users may find recurring charges for services they never asked for and possibly can't even use on an iPhone. Here's how to check for and deal with them.
MacMost Now 238: Adding Cut-Aways In iMovie 09
How to add a cut-away in iMovie 09. You can splice in an image to appear in the middle of a video clip with the audio continuing uninterrupted.
MacMost Now 237: Time Machine For Photos, Email and Contacts
Did you know that you can use Time Machine with iPhoto, Mail and Address Book to recover lost photos, messages and contacts? Time Machine works with these programs in the same way it works with files in the Finder to allow you to recover lost data.
MacMost Now 236: Reintsalling Lost Applications

Find out how to replace applications that you may have accidentally deleted from your Mac.

MacMost Now 235: How To Get People To Follow You On Twitter
Learn how to build a following on Twitter using a selection of techniques to create an audience that is interested in what you have to say
MacMost Now 234: Upgrading the Memory on Your Mac
Learn how you can update the memory in your Mac. Check out where you can buy memory and how to figure out what type of memory your Mac needs. Then find out where you can get instructions on how to install new memory.
MacMost Now 233: Using Terminal to Copy Files
Sometimes the Finder can fail you when you want to copy lots of files, like an entire CD or DVD. Learn how to use the Terminal to copy whole volumes with better error handling and reporting.
MacMost Now 232: Finding People to Follow on Twitter
MacMost launches a new Mac Users Guide to Twitter section. In this video, if you are new to Twitter, find out how to find interesting people to follow to make your Twitter experience better.
MacMost Now 231: Choosing a Time Machine Backup Drive

If you aren't using Time Machine to back up your Mac, then it is time to start. Here are some options for a Time Machine backup drive.

MacMost Now 230: Customizing the Finder Sidebar
Learn how to use and customize the Finder sidebar. Add common folders and searches, and control which devices are shown.
MacMost Now 229: Address Book Groups
Learn how to use groups in Address Book to easily send email to the same group of friends. Also learn some tricks and about smart groups.
MacMost Now 228: FTP With Cyberduck
Learn how to use basic FTP to upload and download files with the open source Mac FTP program Cyberduck.
MacMost Now 227: Mail Signature Tricks
Learn how to customize your email signature and easily switch between multiple signatures. You can also have Mail choose a random one each time you send a message.
MacMost Now 226: Using iTunes DJ
Learn about the new iTunes DJ playlist and how to control the music from your Mac or iPhone. You can also have friends request or vote on songs they want to hear from their iPhones.
MacMost Now 225: Hot Corners
Learn about Hot Corners and how you can use them to have your cursor trigger actions like starting or disabling your screen saver, putting your display to sleep, or starting Expose or the Dashboard.
MacMost Now 224: Using Mail Rules
Learn how to use Apple Mail's rules to filter your email. You can get alerts when messages arrive, automatically sort mail into folders, and even reply or forward specific messages when they arrive.