iPhone App Recommendations

Every week we select a new iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad app to be our featured app of the week. We announce each app in our newsletter. Here is the current app, and a list of all apps featured.

Nonograms Unlimited
A challenging logic puzzle game in the same genre as Sudoku. Also known a Picross or Griddlers. From MacMost's parent, CleverMedia.

Read Only Memories: Type-M
A retro-style adventure game where you explore a colorful future metropolis, meet fascinating characters, and uncover a deadly conspiracy.

Evoland 2
An epic adventure through video games history filled with classical games references.

Alto's Odyssey
Soar above dunes, canyons, and temples to uncover the desert's many mysteries.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI
The iOS version of the much-loved turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time.

Island Golf
A retro-arcade golf game from the host and producer of MacMost.

Man Vs. Missiles
Avoid the missiles and collect coins and power-ups.

The Escapists
A prison escape game with lots of items to craft and combine.

Build the most powerful thievesí guild in this gas-lit Victorian underworld board game.

Desert Golfing
A super-simple side-scrollimng endless golf game.

Bridge Constructor Portal
A challenging bridge construction game set in the Portal game world.

A fun sequencer/synthesizer/sampler to create music.

Arrange and combine illustrated panels in imaginative ways to solve puzzles.

Montezuma's Revenge!
This classic 80s computer game can now be played on your iPhone or iPad.

The easiest and most full-featured way to listen to your Amazon Audible audio books.

Be My Eyes
Visually impaired users take pictures, others help by describing those pictures.

Kings of Pool
3D Pool app with an AR mode that plays well.

A blend of classic RPG with 8-bit golf.

Campfire Cooking
Solve tricky puzzles to prepare all of the campfire food.

Word Tiles
I just made my own free Scrabble-like single-player word game ad-free. Give it a try!

Love You To Bits
A puzzle-filled, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure.

Augmented reality app where you can place 3D text, emoji or drawings to appear in your videos.

Lake: Artists Coloring Books
Adult coloring book app with nice tools and features.

Stranger Things: The Game
An action-adventure game in retro 1980s style.

Euclidean Lands
Shift and rotate the world to change perspective and solve tricky puzzles.

Splitter Critters
Challenging puzzles where you split the world with a swipe to allow critters to move around.

Help a group of stranded astronauts find a route to safety in this puzzle game with time travel.

NOAA Radar Pro
Real-time animated weather radar images on an interactive map.

Take a colorful journey down through the spiral tower.

Space Frontier
Launch your rocket as high in to the orbit as possible and beyond to Mars.

The Quest
An open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat

A free iOS keyboard with Glide Typing and emoji and GIF search.

Google Earth
Check out the new version with adventures, info cards, street view and more.

Full Throttle Remastered
A classic graphic adventure game telling the story of the leader of biker gang who gets caught up in a tale of motorcycles, mayhem and murder.

The Robot Factory
An open-ended building app that let kids of all ages create, test, play with robots.

Hooked - Chat Stories
Read short stories told through short text messages.

An interactive adventure game that is written as you make choices.

Wayward Souls
A quick, replayable action-adventure game.

Framed 2
Sequel to the popular noir puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to change the outcome of the story.

Splitter Critters
Rearrange the world to save puzzles.

Tilt, shout, click, snap, wait, reflect, and hike your way through puzzles.

A pretty music game where you tap each note as the line passes through.

Old Man
Solve puzzles as you uncover stories of the old man's life told through vignettes of his memories.

To the Moon
A story-driven RPG with pixel graphics.

Break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom.

Link Twin
Control unbreakable twins as they navigate ever increasing challenges.

Convert burst photos taken with the built-in Camera app into videos or GIFs.

Flood each puzzle with a single color in as few moves as possible to claim a perfect sticker.

Kingdom: New Lands
Work to get your loyal subjects to build, attack, and defend your kingdom.

Death Road to Canada
A randomly-generated road trip action-RPG, with zombies.

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